Friday, 29 May 2015

Weekly Releases Are Go!

At the start of the month, Black Milk switched to smaller weekly releases instead of less frequent big ones. This has been met with mixed feelings by most. I think it's awful as it's harder to prioritise purchases, easier to buy everything you want before it sells out, and LOADS MORE CUSTOMS. Literally getting £20+ for every package and it's draining my bank account something awful.

ANYWHO...My first few weekly orders! They both took several weeks to arrive, which means I have orders on the go all the time now. Ugh!

I had to resist a few pieces for every release, but plumped for the Dragon Scales Silver Shorties before their 24 hours timed up on first release. I just can't resist shorties at the moment, especially monochrome ones! I'm sad they don't gleam so much in person as in photos though. Also picked up Mermaid Midnight Leggings from the Holidaze release since they just look so comfy and wearable.

The second release brought more temptation. I collect galaxy blue, so I got the Galaxy Blue Pinafore Pocket Skater Skirt for my collection. I'm not a fan of this skirt though unfortunately, the straps aren't long enough so it gets pulled up under my boobs instead of my waist and is really unflattering! Also got The Awesome Suit Nana Bottom for mixing and matching. They're super comfy, but also feel a bit too big. And I didn't realise they wouldn't cover my buttcheeks. Oops! Will wear them a lot next time I go on holiday though, which won't be until next year anyway...

I now have 4 more orders on the way, 3 from new weekly releases (there was a museum release...oh dear!). Wish the customs fairy would grace me once again with her presence =[

Friday, 22 May 2015

Tongue Piercing

Oh man, I've been wanting my tongue pierced for AGES but things kept getting in the way. When a few weeks ago I finally went to get it, I was told my tongue was too short. So naturally I just went somewhere else for it...

Since Electric Vintage in Bath doesn't have a piercer in on Tuesday (my day off), I went to Pierced Up in Bristol. I'd heard lots of good things about their piercer from sharkies previously anyway!

This photo was taken the day of the piercing. You can't actually see it at all as it's kind of far back, but at least that means less risk of tooth/gum damage and it is more comfortable in my mouth.

However my tongue most definitely is short. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to stick my tongue out anymore! It is pierced at an angle around my tongue frenulum, but I'm hoping the top looks less wonky once the swelling has gone down.

The piercing itself was surprisingly painless. The ball tightening, not so much! Also not convinced the bar I have is long enough as I didn't swell much and there's no bar spare at all =/

I was told to only drink water and eat soup, avoiding dairy and sugar. That didn't work out. Went to the cinema the day after getting it, and due to the good weather nowhere was selling soup so I had to painfully work through half a sandwich. I'd had 300kcal that day. I went to bed at 6pm feeling sick and dizzy, woke up at 5am hypoglycaemic. Heart palpitations, hot/cold sweats, the lot. So I ate chocolate salted caramel cake after my soup and had a cup of tea. Much better! Fearing infection and prolonged swelling, but my blood sugars dive very quickly so not eating just isn't an option. Looking forward to solid food though, and missing chilli a lot!

Aaaand I went shopping after the piercing, as per usual. This is my H&M haul, including the size swap for the jealous dress I bought the other day. It's still slightly big? Wtf H&M?

And my Primark haul. Been wanting a jacket like this for ages, and it was only £14! Had also been after these pyjamas for a while, but the shorts are so short on them!

Hoping my tongue is healed up by Download! Next on my list is industrial, but not looking forward to it as I know it'll suck (and not sure my ears are the right shape either, ughhh).

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Moving Sale

Black Milk had a sale. And the sale items will disappear for good once sold out. Oh god why.

I had expected everything to sell out before I got to it, but I ninja-ed too well and got everything I had aimed for (it was all in my basket before the site went down, so it was a straight checkout).

I decided to try on the US site first as I wasn't sure all the items would be in stock on the other site.

I'd been eyeing the Galaxy Purple Catsuit 2.0 since forever and I felt like the only Sharkie without it, so it had to be done. I chanced the Bootlet Net Leggings as I figured they'd look cool under just about everything. I wish I had the confidence to wear them as leggings, though! And since I love tartan, a Tartan Yellow Nana Suit Top. Yellow isn't great on me, but I want ALL the tartans!

And then to worldwide...

Next on my hitlist was the Chiffon Kimono 2.0 and Burned Velvet Skater Skirt, which are both pieces I'd been eyeing since I discovered the brand. Since I loved this fabric and cut separately before, I panicked and grabbed the Burned Diamond High Neck Crop. Despite never wearing my chainmail pieces that I owned, the Chainmail Shorties were so cheap and I'm more likely to wear that cut.

The skirt took a bit of stretching, I must say. It was literally the size of my thigh to begin with! Had a good giggle.

Absolutely loving these two items. The velvet feels weird around my neck though! Hoping it doesn't stretch out as it's already a tad loose at the bottom.

The next day I went back for the Matte Jade Cheerleader Skirt as, despite my doubts about the cut, I had wanted it since release and love the colour. Wish I'd gotten the matching bummers and crop, but it's too late now! I also got a non-sale basic as I need more comfy shirts to wear with leggings, and I figured that the Twist Back Top 2.0 would be perfect.

They don't go together, but whatever. The skirt is too damn big which is bloody annoying! The weight will pull it down, so I'll have to tuck shirts into it to hopefully keep it up.

A couple days later I went back to the US site for a Tartan Red Touchdown as I'd been wanting to try one of these for a while and figured I'd be more likely to wear this than the pastel one (after much deliberation...the decision was quite difficult!).

I wasn't sure about it when I tried it on, but I wore it again today and I love it now! Wish I'd bought more of them in the sale as they're just too expensive full price. Definitely need to hunt down a mesh one second hand...

Here's a mishmash of a few more things worn. I'm not sure when I'll ever get to wear the kimono, I only wanted it for the gala but it didn't arrive in time! The bv skirt isn't the most flattering as there's quite a lot of lumpy fabric, but it's still super fabulous.

Just gutted I can't try on the leggings or catty until my tattoo heals! And also gutted that they took so long to arrive and I got hit with customs on every damn thing.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

I Keep Having Dreams

Yesterday I finally got the tattoo I've been wanting for years!

Ever since Frank Turner's England Keep My Bones was released in 2011, I have been in love with the song I Am Disappeared. The song has been a reminder to me that if things ever get too much, I don't have to stay. I can get up and I can leave. So I've always wanted that reminder on my skin. And now I finally have it!

This was done by Steve Bates at Imperial Tattoo Company in Bath. I was worried about the design as I hadn't been very specific, but it is absolutely spot on. I'm so happy with it! Already considering adding some swallows around it and just giving up and having a full Frank Turner leg.

Just looking forward to it being nice and healed now so I can use my laptop properly again! And I need to save a ton of money up as I want more tattoos now like crazy.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Celestial (aka Bankruptcy)

After preordering it forever ago, Angelic Pretty's Celestial series was finally sent out. Unfortunately customs completely screwed me over and I had to pay a £215 ransom to get mine. Damn right I'm pissed off, I now have no money at all and I don't even want these pieces anymore *screaming*

Anywho, the goods...

Navy skirt and socks.

The colour isn't as bold as I was expecting. Sadly the skirt is slightly loose on me, so I think I will sell it (I have several other navy skirts now anyway...haha).

Black JSK, bonnet, and socks.

The bonnet has dangly detachable pearl detailing and lots of cute lace.

The pearls on the bodice look a little wonky, but they're a super cute touch. Just gutted still that the sheer outerlayer isn't detachable as it hides all the glorious print details and the soft fabric. The high cut and long length are also a shame! I think I will keep this one for now, though.

After this disaster I decided to ignore Angelic Pretty releases. Which bit me in the ass as Shadow Dream Carnival JSK in black is now a dream piece and I missed the rerelease of Glass Doll which was also a dream piece. All in one week. Typical! I couldn't afford it anyway, I guess -_-'

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Camp Sharkie 2015

The last weekend of April saw the first Camp Sharkie event! Basically a bunch of Black Milk fans heading to Centerparcs at Longleat for a weekend. I was unsure of attending at first, but since Longleat is only down the road for me I figured I should go anyway!

Off to the woods we went! I arrived at around 3pm on Friday.

Since there were over 70 of us, we were split into a fair few lodges. The main lodge was huuuuuge with a hot tub & stuff. We (the Hell Yeah Hammerheads) drew the short straw and had the one lodge that was really far away from everything. It was cute though, as you can see!

And being far out meant that we got to use the land train!

May have had a bit too much to drink at the meet in the evening. I don't even remember this being taken...

On Saturday afternoon we had a cheeky squirrel put its paws on our window, so we gave it Doritos!

There was a big buy/sell/swap event in the afternoon. I somehow managed to not buy anything, but sold a few pieces I never wear (already regret parting with my Wallpaper Princess Pink Evil Zip Dress. I didn't feel pink suited me but had people all weekend saying it did! So will be hoping to rebuy it eventually *cries*).

Gift exchange! So pleased with my cross-stitch stuff & cute accessories.

Then we had galaxy-theme photos!

My fellow Hammerheads ♥

In the evening there were more drinks, but after spending most of the day hungover I passed. Instead I went back to the lodge alone to make sweet potato fries and watch Super Sonico, which I think was a wise choice! I did miss playing pass the parcel with 70 people though, which was a shame.

Sunday morning I was finally on track with an early-morning run! I had planned to do that every day but failed. It was mostly a walk as I'm really unfit, and I felt a little embarrassed as there were tons of decent joggers out haha.

Then I undid any good work by going to the Pancake House with some of my housies. I felt a little sick afterward but it was SO WORTH IT.

The pool party was in the afternoon. I tired rather quickly of swimming since there was no laned pool (dumb people getting in the way everywhere so I couldn't swim. Or the wave machine would drown me), so I got a fruit cider and a meatless dog instead of staying in!

Looks like everyone else had fun though!

I was quite happy watching Labyrinth for the 100000000000th time.

Cutie fish in the Village on the way back.

We had a quiet(-ish) movie night in the evening, with Mean Girls & popcorn & onesies galore!

Monday morning was another early start, but I plumped for a power-walk rather than failing at a run again. This was Cascades.

Nice of the weather to improve when we were all about to leave!



Unfortunately we had to be out of accommodation by 10am, so I left pretty early. I would definitely go to another even like this though. Really missing all the Sharkie babes now =[