Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Moving Sale

Black Milk had a sale. And the sale items will disappear for good once sold out. Oh god why.

I had expected everything to sell out before I got to it, but I ninja-ed too well and got everything I had aimed for (it was all in my basket before the site went down, so it was a straight checkout).

I decided to try on the US site first as I wasn't sure all the items would be in stock on the other site.

I'd been eyeing the Galaxy Purple Catsuit 2.0 since forever and I felt like the only Sharkie without it, so it had to be done. I chanced the Bootlet Net Leggings as I figured they'd look cool under just about everything. I wish I had the confidence to wear them as leggings, though! And since I love tartan, a Tartan Yellow Nana Suit Top. Yellow isn't great on me, but I want ALL the tartans!

And then to worldwide...

Next on my hitlist was the Chiffon Kimono 2.0 and Burned Velvet Skater Skirt, which are both pieces I'd been eyeing since I discovered the brand. Since I loved this fabric and cut separately before, I panicked and grabbed the Burned Diamond High Neck Crop. Despite never wearing my chainmail pieces that I owned, the Chainmail Shorties were so cheap and I'm more likely to wear that cut.

The skirt took a bit of stretching, I must say. It was literally the size of my thigh to begin with! Had a good giggle.

Absolutely loving these two items. The velvet feels weird around my neck though! Hoping it doesn't stretch out as it's already a tad loose at the bottom.

The next day I went back for the Matte Jade Cheerleader Skirt as, despite my doubts about the cut, I had wanted it since release and love the colour. Wish I'd gotten the matching bummers and crop, but it's too late now! I also got a non-sale basic as I need more comfy shirts to wear with leggings, and I figured that the Twist Back Top 2.0 would be perfect.

They don't go together, but whatever. The skirt is too damn big which is bloody annoying! The weight will pull it down, so I'll have to tuck shirts into it to hopefully keep it up.

A couple days later I went back to the US site for a Tartan Red Touchdown as I'd been wanting to try one of these for a while and figured I'd be more likely to wear this than the pastel one (after much deliberation...the decision was quite difficult!).

I wasn't sure about it when I tried it on, but I wore it again today and I love it now! Wish I'd bought more of them in the sale as they're just too expensive full price. Definitely need to hunt down a mesh one second hand...

Here's a mishmash of a few more things worn. I'm not sure when I'll ever get to wear the kimono, I only wanted it for the gala but it didn't arrive in time! The bv skirt isn't the most flattering as there's quite a lot of lumpy fabric, but it's still super fabulous.

Just gutted I can't try on the leggings or catty until my tattoo heals! And also gutted that they took so long to arrive and I got hit with customs on every damn thing.

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  1. Black Milk had a sale?! and I missed it :( damn. I love their tetris print stuff. I would love to own the skater dress. all the stuff you managed to get looks super cute!
    - Sarah
    Oh So Kawaii