Friday, 22 May 2015

Tongue Piercing

Oh man, I've been wanting my tongue pierced for AGES but things kept getting in the way. When a few weeks ago I finally went to get it, I was told my tongue was too short. So naturally I just went somewhere else for it...

Since Electric Vintage in Bath doesn't have a piercer in on Tuesday (my day off), I went to Pierced Up in Bristol. I'd heard lots of good things about their piercer from sharkies previously anyway!

This photo was taken the day of the piercing. You can't actually see it at all as it's kind of far back, but at least that means less risk of tooth/gum damage and it is more comfortable in my mouth.

However my tongue most definitely is short. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to stick my tongue out anymore! It is pierced at an angle around my tongue frenulum, but I'm hoping the top looks less wonky once the swelling has gone down.

The piercing itself was surprisingly painless. The ball tightening, not so much! Also not convinced the bar I have is long enough as I didn't swell much and there's no bar spare at all =/

I was told to only drink water and eat soup, avoiding dairy and sugar. That didn't work out. Went to the cinema the day after getting it, and due to the good weather nowhere was selling soup so I had to painfully work through half a sandwich. I'd had 300kcal that day. I went to bed at 6pm feeling sick and dizzy, woke up at 5am hypoglycaemic. Heart palpitations, hot/cold sweats, the lot. So I ate chocolate salted caramel cake after my soup and had a cup of tea. Much better! Fearing infection and prolonged swelling, but my blood sugars dive very quickly so not eating just isn't an option. Looking forward to solid food though, and missing chilli a lot!

Aaaand I went shopping after the piercing, as per usual. This is my H&M haul, including the size swap for the jealous dress I bought the other day. It's still slightly big? Wtf H&M?

And my Primark haul. Been wanting a jacket like this for ages, and it was only £14! Had also been after these pyjamas for a while, but the shorts are so short on them!

Hoping my tongue is healed up by Download! Next on my list is industrial, but not looking forward to it as I know it'll suck (and not sure my ears are the right shape either, ughhh).

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