Friday, 29 May 2015

Weekly Releases Are Go!

At the start of the month, Black Milk switched to smaller weekly releases instead of less frequent big ones. This has been met with mixed feelings by most. I think it's awful as it's harder to prioritise purchases, easier to buy everything you want before it sells out, and LOADS MORE CUSTOMS. Literally getting £20+ for every package and it's draining my bank account something awful.

ANYWHO...My first few weekly orders! They both took several weeks to arrive, which means I have orders on the go all the time now. Ugh!

I had to resist a few pieces for every release, but plumped for the Dragon Scales Silver Shorties before their 24 hours timed up on first release. I just can't resist shorties at the moment, especially monochrome ones! I'm sad they don't gleam so much in person as in photos though. Also picked up Mermaid Midnight Leggings from the Holidaze release since they just look so comfy and wearable.

The second release brought more temptation. I collect galaxy blue, so I got the Galaxy Blue Pinafore Pocket Skater Skirt for my collection. I'm not a fan of this skirt though unfortunately, the straps aren't long enough so it gets pulled up under my boobs instead of my waist and is really unflattering! Also got The Awesome Suit Nana Bottom for mixing and matching. They're super comfy, but also feel a bit too big. And I didn't realise they wouldn't cover my buttcheeks. Oops! Will wear them a lot next time I go on holiday though, which won't be until next year anyway...

I now have 4 more orders on the way, 3 from new weekly releases (there was a museum release...oh dear!). Wish the customs fairy would grace me once again with her presence =[

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  1. Oooh the skater skirt! ♥ So pretty!
    I love high waist thingies ^___^

    ♥ Frillycakes ♥