Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Artscow Leggings Review

There were a few Artscow codes going around to allow you to make custom leggings for only $2.99 including shipping, so I cobbled together something quickly just to give it a go! I ordered on the 19th of May, so they came pretty quickly considering they had to be made and sent from China.

I decided to use some artwork from Enter Shikari's Common Dreads album. The image I used was 3642x2688.

I'll admit that I did a bad job of matching up the print on the front, although it didn't look this bad in the preview. This was also supposed to be the back, but they put the tag in the wrong way.

I think I like more detail on the back, though.

The material is super soft, although I imagine it will snag easily due to the fabric and the thinness. I can't fault the quality of the print, although it is much lighter than the preview image.

Here's where the problems start. They're too big. I bought size S (my BM size), and my measurements are actually bigger than the listed ones for that size. There is only one size smaller than this, and I'd definitely buy that in future.

I'm a bit miffed as my design had nice ankle detailing that you can't see due to them being too long and too loose. I was expecting them to be more for my height as they were made in China, but I guess not.

The material is super stretchy and comfy, but it fails the printed underwear test (admittedly I have a huge butt). You can't see my tattoos (knee and thigh) through them though.

The verdict? I wouldn't pay $19.99 plus postage for them, but you can't really go wrong for $2.99. Just gutted the sizing was off. I was planning to wear them to Download over thick tights anyway though, so it's not really a big deal!

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