Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Download Festival Part 3

The weather on Saturday was horrid! It rained all morning so none of us could really bothered to leave the comfort of our slightly leaky gazebo. However, I've managed to miss seeing FFAF repeatedly so I dragged poor Rob out into the rain with me and we caught the very end of Heart Of A Coward.

After such a long wait to see Funeral For A Friend, I was left disappointed. I think Matt must have had a bad throat or something as his vocals were really ropey. Good little flash back to when I was first getting into proper music, though.

We stuck around for Mallory Knox since we missed them at Takedown, but we scooted off back to camp afterwards to try to warm up and get a little drier! Which meant missing Apocalyptica which was a shame, but no regrets. I was feeling pretty miserable! But we did catch a bit of Rise Against when we got back.

Then a band I was really looking forward to...A Day To Remember! They're quickly becoming one of my favourites.

I really want to see them again! Preferably somewhere dry. The rain definitely kept my mood dampened.

We discovered a cocktail van called Beetle-Juice during Faith No More (who sounded good for a bunch of old dudes). I had a few Beetle-Juices (lychee,raspberry, & gin) whereas Rob was favouring Dark & Stormy (lime, ginger beer, & rum). We had to hang around outside for Andew W.K. as the tent was too packed, but it was still kinda fun. Rob was amazed that there are so many songs about partying that all sound pretty much the same.

Then there was Muse! With big bouncy balls!

As usual they played really well, but the setlist was a mixed bag. Mostly new stuff off of Drones which I only got to listen to once before going.

Microcuts and Citizen Erased though! Even though they were supposedly not playing Origin of Symmetry tracks again...bullllll.

Probably should have been closer for Muse to get more hype, but watching the crowd was quite a sight in itself!

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