Monday, 29 June 2015

Download Festival Part 4

Sunday started bright and early with Sirens In The Delta as heard from the covered bench area near Jake's whilst eating cheesy curly fries. Afterwards it was off to main stage for a little sit down for 36 Crazyfists (I apparently only know one of their songs and they were shoutier than I had expected) and Cavalera Conspiracy. We also caught a bit of Evil Scarecrow (which was an experience...CRABULON, CRABULON) before heading to see We Are Harlot in yet more rain.

Our wildcard of the day was Trashboat. We'd laughed at the name as it was on Regular Show...and apparently they did literally take their name from that! They were actually pretty fun pop punk.

Billy Idol was one of those sets where I knew most of the songs despite only being able to name two off the top of my head. Rebel Yell was definitely worth sticking around for!

In Flames were a band I knew of, but didn't know any songs. Rob wasn't expecting them to be good live, but they were brilliant!

I only knew one Yellowcard song, but I really enjoyed their set and really need to invest in some of their CDs at some point. Couldn't see as there was a post in the way, but that means dancing room!

And the only reason I went...Enter Shikari! Such a shame their set was so short and that it was still really light out.

I think I annoyed just about everyone around me. They were all just stood there not doing much but I was dancing like crazy, singing like a gangster, and swigging from a hip flask of Jagermeister, as one does.

This is only decent photo I managed to get as I couldn't stand still long enough to take any better ones!

Nice to see Sorry, You're Not A Winner back, but an entire predictable setlist aside from There's A Price On Your Head. Not that that makes it a bad setlist! The set didn't seem as energetic as usual, but I'm guessing that was at least in part due to Rou's hospitalisation earlier that week.

We left as soon as they finished as Harry and two others were already waiting at the car as they left after Lamb Of God. Thankfully I fell asleep on the way home as 5 people and tons of camping gear shoved into a 3-door Micra wasn't too comfortable. It was definitely a relief to crawl into a real bed at 3am, even if we were still smelly and dirty!

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