Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Spirithoods Aurora Kitty

I finally caved and got my hands on one of the SpirithoodsxBlack Milk collabo hood - the Aurora Kitty!

After agonising over it, I went for the one with built-in hb3 speakers. I'm not sure this was the best choice as you can definitely tell the speakers are there and it detracts from the comfort, but it was a worth a go for only an extra $10.

I placed my order as soon as it was released on the 24th, and got my shipping notification the same day. My package arrived on the 29th. So speedy!

I thought the shiny black looked cheap in stock photos, but in person it looks lovely and feels gorgeously soft. I wasn't keen on the Aurora Skye print anymore either, but in person I love it. The colours are so bold!

The pocket contains the cable to plug in your music. It feels a bit bulky in there which is a shame, but since untying them it isn't so bad.

The music doesn't sound muffled like I had feared, so definitely usable. I kind of worry about how loud it sounds to outsiders though as I'd feel rude inflicting that on others on the bus, but dangit I'ma do it anyway!

Now I want to get the leggings to match! And definitely hoping to buy more collabos in future, along with the elusive Galaxy Wolf eventually.

Bring on Winter!

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