Wednesday, 29 July 2015

BMC: July

Amazingly, I managed to skip a few weekly drops this month! I had intended on skipping out more, but ho hum.

My first moment of weakness came in the form of the Fall Of Phaeton Skater Skirt. I'd loved the colours on the previously released touchdown, and seeing this skirt in the podcast convinced me. Sadly the new waistband is far too thick and won't behave on me (my waist is small, but no part of it is straight as I'm very curvy! So it just bunches up). The colours are worth it, though! Even if there are a lot of nipples on it.

I wasn't sure about the Galaxy Teal Leggings, but rumour has it that a future Spirithood collaboration will use it. So I wanted a pair just in case they changed their minds about them being not limited. Sadly there was a dodgy nylon batch and these are really sheer and the fabric is thin...but I got a full refund and get to keep them. And the colours are gorgeous in person. So can't complain! They do seem really big though, as I could just pull them on without even having to wriggle at all (usually get stuck at the ankles and thighs!).

To round up my first order of the month, I invested in an old staple - The Dress 2.0. I figure it will be useful for layering under sheer pieces and skirts, and could be suitable for office work if I ever try to get a different job...

I next caved a week later as the nice old touchdown fabric came back for the Aurora Skye Pink Touchdown! Honestly I'm not a fan of the pink so this was a dumb move, and it put me in my overdraft. But I wanted things to wear with Aurora Kitty...oops! Turns out it's even more horrible in person (the photography was super washed out again). Stuck with it though. At least I know they're comfy!

I also thought I'd get The Cleopatra Bodysuit to wear with the Egypt-themed IOSS. I'm not sure about it either, but I didn't want to risk missing it as it was made limited recently. It should at least be an easy one to sell if I decide I don't like it!

Won't be buying things for a little while now as I simply don't have money, which is gutting as I missed out on a Galaxy Teal Slouchy which I adore. But hopefully I can catch one secondhand at some point!

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