Sunday, 12 July 2015

Enter Shikariiii

So the Download warm-up show ended up being rescheduled to Thursday the 9th of July, which meant that I could go! I was so desperate to grab a ticket haha.

I decided to wear my big boots just in case I needed them to see!

And of course got a curry in 'Spoons first. It was way too mild, but sadly there was only one veggie option!

The venue (Motion, in Bristol) was only a 5 minute walk from 'Spoons which was handy, and it was easy to find because there was a huge queue. Apparently the meet and greet was just for people who were already in the queue like 4 hours before doors, so I had to miss it as I was at work (also hell no to waiting in a line for that long!).

MythCity were up first. I picked a spot on the balcony to hog so I could have a good view. Nice little genre blend of rap-metal-y goodness going on, plenty of crowd participation. Will definitely be looking them up at some point.

Area 11 were next. I feel kind of bad for them as they just didn't stand out as much as the openers. But still good! To be honest I didn't remember what they sounded like...ought to start taking notes like the girl next to me was doing. Upon listening again afterwards I actually much prefer them on recording to MythCity which is weird. And catchy enough that I was singing along at the time even though I'd never heard them before.

Then Enter Shikari!! You can probably tell from all my photos that the fog/smoke machine was badly abused for all the bands' sets, so getting photos was impossible. Especially with all those strobes!

Lack of photo opportunities was easily forgotten however, as they put on one of the best performances I've seen. Even if Slipshod did start before it was supposed to before they stopped it & carried on with the setlist haha.

Aaand the setlist! Good mix of stuff, pretty predictable aside from using Gandhi Mate, Gandhi as an ender. Wondering what kind of vases they're using for Slipshod since Rou smashed it off his head! Sugar glass?

After a 40 minute wait for the bus and another 40 minutes to get home, I was pretty tired afterwards...but also filled with excitement for getting to do it all over again the next day!

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