Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hyper Japan, 2011 ~ Day in London

The last day in London was pretty stressful! We had to check out before 10am so we got dressed and packed up before going down for breakfast. We decided to go to Camden to check out the markets that everyone had been raving about. It took a while to find any places, but when we did it was pretty disappointing...all really ita rubbish for ridiculous prices! I was excited that they had Antaina shoes, but they were charging almost as much as I got for my practically new AP shoes. I also found a cute non-loli skirt in the GLP store, but it was £40 and the size L was too small. The shop lady was all sarky saying 'you aren't supposed to wear shorts under' (as I hadn't taken them off), but Aisha was using the only changing room they had and if it isn't going to fit on over my little shorts then it isn't going to fit at all. I was pretty disgusted. If I'm bigger than an L, what the hell size was the S for?

We checked out a few other places but they all had the same overpriced tat. Stopped for lunch and I ate dohnuts as I didn't fancy any of the greasy food on offer...most of it was Chinese food which I'm not keen on. There was also a really scabby pigeon! This also shows one of the horses that was there, they looked pretty aweome.

Afterwards we headed to Chinatown to see if there was anything cute there. These archways were so pretty and striking! They were also on Sherlock so I freaked out a bit when I found that out hehe. There was a load of delicious-looking food too, but I didn't want to waste my money so I didn't buy anything.

We also went past M&M World on the way there...I had no idea such a place existed O_o 4 floors of M&M

We also had our photo taken in a group here, but we all look so derpy! Aisha, me and Vicki. I felt kind of out of place, but I thought lolita would be annoying to wear about the city all day, especially since it was so warm!

At first we only saw restaurants, but eventually came across a cute market with tons of sweet little nick-nacks. I had to be hard on myself as I could have wasted a lot of money there! Aisha and I did purikura in the cheap machine (the real Japanese one was better and the only one in the country, but it was £4 extra each). We ended up spending over half an hour in there, much to Rob and Vicki's annoyance...but it was fun, and I've never had a chance to do anything like that before as my friends always used to go in photobooths on the occasions I wasn't there. So let's use this as proof that my face doesn't shatter cameras.

Ended up buying a cute hamster pin for my mum (it was her birthday this week) and a Pikachu phone strap to replace the one I lost when I lost my keys...could have bought so much more stuff though if I'd been less strict on myself!

By the time we'd finished we had to rush back! When on the tube Aisha realised that she'd left a bag back at the purikura place, so she left us to go back. The rest of us went to Burger King for tea (OMG REAL FOOD it was actually too much for me to eat since my stomach shrank from not eating much haha). Then we had to part ways...we hadn't realised that we had to leave from different tube stations! Ended up managing to get the 7.30pm train from Paddington back to Bath, irritating all the passengers on the way by playing Nyan Cat and Robot Unicorn Attack with the sound on. Was really happy to get back to Rob's, where I could have all the tea I could drink and more privacy! I didn't get back home properly until the next day.

And now I am home, I'm pretty bored and missing London. There was so much there to do! I don't miss the stingy eyes however (the air REALLY didn't agree with me, I was walking around blindly crying most of the time in Hammersmith). I really hope I get to go to London again and would love to go to Hyper Japan again too, although since it's the Olympics next year I probably won't be able to go until 2013 =[

And so concludes my catch-up of Hyper Japan! So sorry it took such a long time ^_^'

Hyper Japan, 2011 ~ Day Three

There was a lolita fashion show again on the final day! Only this one was for more classical styles. Couldn't get as good a seat, but the pace was slower so we got longer to admire everyone's outfits. Everyone looked stunning once again!

...and yeah, they made all the lolitas go up again!

Yay no hair-fail today! Well, apart from before leaving when I'd tried to curl my hair, but as you can see by its obstinate straightness I was unsuccessful. I was wearing Baby, The Stars Shine Bright's Circus Tutu with BTSSB headbow and bag, Bodyline blouse, offbrand tights, handmade wristcuffs, Antaina rocking horse shoes and necklace and bracelet by BTSSBxCharmmy Kitty. I didn't get any good photos of my outfit which is a shame. My clunky shoes turned some heads, I even had one woman ask to take a photo of my feet!

We watched a little of the Square Enix cosplay battle (well, we were stood at the back so I couldn't see a damned thing even with my massive platforms). Some of the costumes were really epic! I don't know many Square Enix characters though, so I don't know how accurate they were. After it finished we had to rush to snatch a seat for Kanon Wakeshima's second Charity Live! I had a seat a few rows from the front, so a much better view than before (although people's heads still blocked my flash). She was amazing again! Rob stuck around for it this time and even he had to admit that she was good.

I'd wanted to watch the Kawaii Star of the Year show, but we didn't in the end. We just took a last look around and played video games again. I can't believe I forgot to mention them before! We played Kirby on the Wii, Dragon Ball on PS2 and Xbox and a few other much fun! And for some reason some guy wanted to film me in front of some of the games. I hope that footage never surfaces 8| We then went to the Sake Cocktail Seminar for a sit down as we were so exhausted from the weekend. Even got to try a cocktail (even though apparently I'm not old enough to drink sake...though I don't understand that one at all).

Then it was pretty much over! Headed back to the Lolita Bring & Buy stall to pick up money and unsold items to find that only one my items was left unsold (after I'd lowered prices on everything earlier that day). I sold £280 worth of lolita! I was amazed. Really sad that my Angelic Pretty shoes are gone, but they were too small for me anyway...and all the other things I sold were either too big or just not my style, so I suppose it's all good.

Here are the goodies I picked up on the last day!

The bird clip is by Now Voyager, they had so many awesome items so it was hard to pick one. I thought this one was the most subtle haha. Rob bought me the Chocobo =3 I was also very tempted by the BTSSB stall, but the accessory pack was £45 and only had a tote, some socks, a headbow practically identical to the one I was wearing and a phone charm so I didn't get one. Kinda regret that now though...I've never had any brand new BTSSB before =[

Here's some pretty Pixiv pictures that I wanted to buy...I didn't have any money when the stall was still open for them so I just took a photo. I wish I could do art like that! I really need to start trying again.

Back at the hotel was odd as Kai and Rai had already left. The rest of us stayed up until midnight and then went for a drink as it was Vicki's birthday! The bar played pretty naff music...was expecting better since it was decked out in rock and punk posters. And then much needed sleep!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Hyper Japan, 2011 ~ Day Two

Finally got the photos for this and just back from Reading, so I'll try to get these last few Hyper Japan posts up asap! Also our table photo with Kanon has been added to the Day One post.

On the second day we had another early start! The venue (Olympia 2 in Kensington) opened to the public at 10am, which was also when the Sweet Lolita fashion show was scheduled! We were pretty lucky to know about it as it wasn't on the programme. Plus by turning up that early, we beat the worst of the queues! Loads of people were unable to get in that day, or had to queue for hours because somehow more tickets were sold than the venue could cope with.

The fashion show was great fun! I managed to get a seat right at the front with Vicki, although the show was pretty fast moving so I didn't manage to get photos of all of the was great seeing everyone's coords though.

The group shot!

My outfit for the day! Angelic Pretty's Sugary Carnival JSK, Bodyline blouse, BTSSB headbow and bag, offbrand socks, Antaina shoes, handmade bracelet and wristcuffs (not by me), and necklace by BTSSBxCharmmy Kitty.

At the end of the show all the lolitas in the audience were told to go up on stage! It wasn't very scary though (but my hair was hooked over my headbow and no one pointed it out to me until the afternoon...AFTER all of the photos! *embarrassed*)

Afterwards I met back up with Rob for wanderings. We went to the Maid Café for a drink, but it wasn't a very pleasant experience! It was really uncomfortable being called 'Lord and Lady', plus our maid disappeared after our first drink so we had a cup of tea and coffee for £10 when it was supposed to be unlimited for half an hour.

Had super-delicious yaki-udon for lunch...SO YUMMY! I was a little paranoid about getting grease on my dress. A lady told me I was sitting wrong on the floor too...apparently sitting cross-legged isn't ladylike. I'd figured as much already, but sitting sideways hurts my back so much and doesn't look elegant either! I also bumped into Hayley which was nice, and I got to meet Georgie irl, which was super exciting for me since I've known her online for a while now. She thought we looked like Ichiko and Momoko from Kamikaze Girls when together:

Then it was time to head back to the Main Stage for Kanon Wakeshima's Charity Live! We went quite early but it was already packed. Had to pick a spot on the floor right at the side with a bunch of other lolitas. Thankfully I could just about see! However the heads of the people in front blocked my flash so I had to turn it off, resulting in my photos coming out all fuzzy! Her performance was incredible though - beautiful singing, perfect cello-playing and a cute little act too. She's definitely one of my idols now.

More stall-browsing afterwards. I went back to the Lolita Bring & Buy to buy an Innocent World OP I'd wanted the whole time, but it was gone! Typical that when I managed to get money someone else had bought it D= so jealous of that person! However a jacket I'd had my eye on had been reduced by £5 and had a headbow attached to it, so I bought that instead. There were plenty of cute dresses still there too, but all the bargains had been had already and I didn't want to spend over £50 on one item. I also picked up a Kera magazine, Kanon's CDs and her art book (Flower Sound Orchestra)...and also some yummy candy! I didn't want to spend too much money but couldn't resist getting some Marshmallow Fluff as it sounded delicious!

At 4pm there was a signing with Kanon! Luckily when I bought her merchandise I was put on the list for the signing...they couldn't see everyone I guess as there were so many people. The queue was all the way to the stage but we didn't have to wait too long. It was a shame the BTSSB stall wasn't open that day as it would have been a good opportunity to look closer at the merchandise.

We didn't win anything in the raffle so we made our way back to the hotel. We went out to a Japanese restaurant for tea, but the place was pretty rubbish. They had NOTHING vegetarian on the menu! My meal came with some kind of fish sauce =/ there was nothing on the menu to say that it would but I kinda knew since there were no 'V' signs by anything. My vegetable tempura had obviously been cooked in the same flour, batter and oil as the prawns, but it was either eat it or be very hungry. Had to pinch Rob's soy sauce so my rice wasn't as dry...he'd been dipping fish in there, but it was more vegetarian than actual fish sauce!

So that was my second day. Woah these posts are so long! Only one or two Hyper Japan posts left to go though, and then I won't have any ideas of what to write.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Wonder Story! And a Spot of Shiro.

I just ordered it!

I'd been unsure whether to or not for a while, but I've decided I really REALLY want a dark red piece because I know red suits me and it's just a gorgeous colour. I was really looking for a BTSSB or AATP print, something a little more mature, but every time I bid on something on Japanese auctions I get outbid, or my bid gets turned down. I posted a WTB on egl_comm_sales, and a girl said she'd be happy to get Wonder Story for me next weekend when she's in San Fran.

I was a little torn between the collar JSK and the apron skirt, so I posted Rob a link and asked him which he preferred. So I was checking Facebook to see his reply (skirt, because he 'likes the shoulders'...I suppose it must be as there's a bit of a maid vibe to it. What a perv haha) and was writing a reply back to the girl saying that was what I wanted. Then I scrolled down Facebook...and there was a little status from AP USA saying they'd just put the items up!

So I dashed to the website, shoved in the skirt, headbow and socks in wine, logged in, changed my addresses, put in my payment details...the whole while my hands were shaking like mad and I felt like I was about to have a heart attack. But I got there! When I'd finished checking out I looked back and all the items I had just bought were gone. So I must have gotten the last set of that! I was paranoid they'd email me to say there was a mistake, but I've had a confirmation email so hopefully that won't happen. I'm so lucky!

I've only now realised that those aren't the matching socks. I didn't have time to inspect closely...oops haha. But the colour matches, so that's all good! It's just that I have Rose Lace socks instead of Sealing Stamp ones (which weren't even posted onto the US site yet). No biggie. I'm not sure I like the headbow, but it'll do until I can get a matching bonnet =3 I'll post photos and a mini-review when they arrive (although they'll arive when I'm away! BOOOOO).

Definitely have to start saving up some money though. I'd like to buy the book bag to match Wonder Story when it comes out, but I said I'd be happy once I had a bordeaux dress so I'm going to try to stick to that. Once my last few items have arrived with my SS I'll ship out and then no more of that nonsense either! Look forward to that post, it'll be EPIC.

Also yesterday I went to Gloucester to meet up with Sophie! Sadly Annie didn't turn up, but it was good fun nonetheless (though I was a little miffed that I'd stayed up until 4am finishing her birthday present and then didn't get to give it to her!).

We went for a chinese buffet first, which was delicious! Irritatingly I wasn't very hungry (this is something that only ever happens at all-you-can-eat buffets D=), but I got to try new things, such as some yummy noodles and pineapple fritters (I don't even like pineapple but YUM).

Afterwards we went to see Harry Potter! Even though we'd both seen it already. It was still really good though, and I'm glad I got to see it on the big screen again. I noticed things I didn't notice the first time around too (like the fact that Lilly says 'always' as well!...and the fact that Percy is randomly there in the background despite the fact that he hasn't had a line since the first movie). And I still cried like mad ^_^'

I was supposed to have been going to Cheltenham afterwards for Annie's party, but since I don't know my way around Cheltenham and don't have Annie's number I decided to just go home. This turned out to be a wise decision as my headache ended up getting worse. And as evening approached I began to feel was either food poisoning or a really strange coincidence (I'm never sick unless there's been dodgy food or masses of alcohol beforehand). But it only lasted the night so I'm right as rain now, though still a little shaky!

Nosy herring gull at Gloucester station.

On to the outfit! I tried shiro for the first time. I'd always thought the look a little boring, but now I love the simplicity of it. I had to mix in a bit of gold as I had no white bag, but I feel it balances out the rocking horse shoe wedges.

Close-up! I was wearing gold eyeshadow, but it doesn't really show.

Standing on a toilet like a boss (I really need to buy a mirror for this place!). Can you see the big bruise on my knee? I got it going down a fireman's pole xP

I ought to wear these shoes more often, they're so fun!

Details! My nail varnish ended up looking really green next to the gold things.

My dress and blouse are Angelic Pretty, necklace is Metamorphose, bird hairpiece by Now, Voyager, roses from H&M, bag by Vivienne Westwood, socks and gold jewellery from unknown (I found all the gold in my jewellery box, I guess it must have been passed down to me from someone) and the shoes by Montreal.

I'm definitely going to do more coords with this dress! White is so versatile. I'll just have to remember to keep a napkin handy when I'm eating and drinking. I only got away with it this time as I had one, used a fork instead of chopsticks and stuck to drinking water.

I set off for Reading festival on Wednesday, so unless I manage to scavenge those photos off of Rob between now and then this will be the last post from me until I get back. So until then...

Friday, 19 August 2011


Soooo this morning I moved back to the city. I've spent all day unpacking and trying to make the place more homey.

Now I'm not going to lie, I hate this house. Like really hate it. All the paint is peeling both in and outside, it has a horrible smell, damp and dirty and cramped. Thankfully my room is bigger than I remembered it being and my housemates have apparently decided that since I was shoved in the box room I get to pay less rent starting next month (£220 instead of £320...absolute bargain! My money worries are over ='D).

I tried to take some pictures, but the room is too small to really capture any of it haha. Had to stand in the corridor.

This is as much of the room as I could get in!


Something tells me this boiler won't be my friend for long...although it does seem to match my laptop!

So as you can see, pretty small. I had a huge chest of drawers in my last room which I'm missing terribly. I brought hardly any clothes with me and I've filled up most of the room already and had to stick my shoes on top of the wardrobe where I can barely reach!

At least I brought some posters to make it a little more me. And my Yu-Gi-Oh calendar is hung up on the wall I couldn't take a photo of, along with a scarf and flower headband~

Hoping to get one of those mirrors you hang inside wardrobes, since I forgot to bring my mirror with me and there's nowhere for it to go anyway.

About to go explore after eating some lunch. I don't really have a clue where I am, other than near Bath and in housing estate central.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Isle of Wight Overview

I was on the island all last week! We go there at least once a year, so it's not that exciting anymore, although it was my first experience of Cowes week! Although since I know nothing of sailing it was just boats bobbing around this way and that, but it was a lovely day out nonetheless.

We didn't really do much other than go for walks, so the most of the photos I have are of the birds I saw (I love birds!). Irritatingly I didn't have my camera when I saw the most interesting birds, two very orangey turnstones. There were flocks of geese doing formation flying around Yarmouth that day too!

Bog-standard seagull haha. Saw a few terns too, and swans, ducks and a heron.

Two oystercatchers!

Sea holly.

Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower as seen from Ryde.

Pretty tower in Ryde.

One of many little egrets we saw...they aren't even supposed to be in this country! And a black-headed gull skulking in the background.

Two gulls and two cormorants on a boat/mooring.

Lapwing and two I think they're black-tailed godwits but I'm not sure.


Hope my photos haven't been too boring for you guys! I'm going to get the Hyper Japan photos next time I see Rob and should be doing more frilly things soon~

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Coveted Cuties ~ Wonder Story, Twilight Circus & Night of the Masquerade

This month is going to hell for many lolitas who don't have cash...or so is my prediction.

I personally am still reeling from the Chess Chocolate fiasco, where the new rules meant I lost my chance at reservation and missed out on the print entirely. My chances of buying second hand are currently zero since everyone's hiked the prices up so much. Stupid how they changed the rules to avoid prats buying for resale, but I think it just made the matter much worse.

Anywho, on to the new prints!


I've loved Wonder Story ever since I first saw photos on Tumblr. The colours are gorgeous...I would love the red as I know the colour suits me and it's pretty unusual for Angelic Pretty. The powdery blue is so elegant and delicate too. Everything about this print fills me with want as I adore books, and I suspect a pink book bag will follow the release which is really exciting as I really want one of those things. However I wouldn't be able to decide between colours or styles even if I had the money (which I don't). Going to have to be one to put on the long-term goals list.

Alice and the Pirates

Alice and the Pirates's Twilight Circus is up for reserve this week, and the style of that middle JSK is so awesome! I love the piratey/military edge. However, I'm not convinced by the print or the colourways. Leaning towards the brown, but the skirt part would be white and that wouldn't last long. Which is a shame, because it's the only colourway in which the print looks tasteful! While the burgendy shade is kinda nice too, the black just looks awful, and that OP is a total trainwreck! I think this is one to admire from a distance for now until I see better pictures.


I've probably mentioned numerous times already that I am not a fan of Metamorphose. However, Night of the Masquerade has me eating my words. I love everything about this! Again with a military edge (which now makes all 3 of these brands putting out military designs in the past month) which offsets the frills and bows nicely. The colour and print are really nice too. The only thing stopping me from getting it (other than money) is the brand I'm afraid...I've had too many non-fitting Metamorphose pieces to risk it right now.

The only other thing I have to report is my despair at failing to get the Swan Lake JSK that I found an auction for. The seller blocked all the bids put in by my shopping services bid IDs. The dress is unsold, but I can't afford to start using a different shopping service. Obviously I'm a little upset, this was my original dream item and now I'm missing out on such a rare piece! Also since I already paid a ton of money to my SS and getting a refund would lose money through currency conversion and Paypal fees, I'm likely to fritter it away on crap I'd have otherwise not bought and spend even more money I don't have. Maybe someone should take the internet away from me =|

So what do you guys think of the new prints? Will you try to buy any of them? What about your recent purchases or near-misses?