Sunday, 21 August 2011

Wonder Story! And a Spot of Shiro.

I just ordered it!

I'd been unsure whether to or not for a while, but I've decided I really REALLY want a dark red piece because I know red suits me and it's just a gorgeous colour. I was really looking for a BTSSB or AATP print, something a little more mature, but every time I bid on something on Japanese auctions I get outbid, or my bid gets turned down. I posted a WTB on egl_comm_sales, and a girl said she'd be happy to get Wonder Story for me next weekend when she's in San Fran.

I was a little torn between the collar JSK and the apron skirt, so I posted Rob a link and asked him which he preferred. So I was checking Facebook to see his reply (skirt, because he 'likes the shoulders'...I suppose it must be as there's a bit of a maid vibe to it. What a perv haha) and was writing a reply back to the girl saying that was what I wanted. Then I scrolled down Facebook...and there was a little status from AP USA saying they'd just put the items up!

So I dashed to the website, shoved in the skirt, headbow and socks in wine, logged in, changed my addresses, put in my payment details...the whole while my hands were shaking like mad and I felt like I was about to have a heart attack. But I got there! When I'd finished checking out I looked back and all the items I had just bought were gone. So I must have gotten the last set of that! I was paranoid they'd email me to say there was a mistake, but I've had a confirmation email so hopefully that won't happen. I'm so lucky!

I've only now realised that those aren't the matching socks. I didn't have time to inspect closely...oops haha. But the colour matches, so that's all good! It's just that I have Rose Lace socks instead of Sealing Stamp ones (which weren't even posted onto the US site yet). No biggie. I'm not sure I like the headbow, but it'll do until I can get a matching bonnet =3 I'll post photos and a mini-review when they arrive (although they'll arive when I'm away! BOOOOO).

Definitely have to start saving up some money though. I'd like to buy the book bag to match Wonder Story when it comes out, but I said I'd be happy once I had a bordeaux dress so I'm going to try to stick to that. Once my last few items have arrived with my SS I'll ship out and then no more of that nonsense either! Look forward to that post, it'll be EPIC.

Also yesterday I went to Gloucester to meet up with Sophie! Sadly Annie didn't turn up, but it was good fun nonetheless (though I was a little miffed that I'd stayed up until 4am finishing her birthday present and then didn't get to give it to her!).

We went for a chinese buffet first, which was delicious! Irritatingly I wasn't very hungry (this is something that only ever happens at all-you-can-eat buffets D=), but I got to try new things, such as some yummy noodles and pineapple fritters (I don't even like pineapple but YUM).

Afterwards we went to see Harry Potter! Even though we'd both seen it already. It was still really good though, and I'm glad I got to see it on the big screen again. I noticed things I didn't notice the first time around too (like the fact that Lilly says 'always' as well!...and the fact that Percy is randomly there in the background despite the fact that he hasn't had a line since the first movie). And I still cried like mad ^_^'

I was supposed to have been going to Cheltenham afterwards for Annie's party, but since I don't know my way around Cheltenham and don't have Annie's number I decided to just go home. This turned out to be a wise decision as my headache ended up getting worse. And as evening approached I began to feel was either food poisoning or a really strange coincidence (I'm never sick unless there's been dodgy food or masses of alcohol beforehand). But it only lasted the night so I'm right as rain now, though still a little shaky!

Nosy herring gull at Gloucester station.

On to the outfit! I tried shiro for the first time. I'd always thought the look a little boring, but now I love the simplicity of it. I had to mix in a bit of gold as I had no white bag, but I feel it balances out the rocking horse shoe wedges.

Close-up! I was wearing gold eyeshadow, but it doesn't really show.

Standing on a toilet like a boss (I really need to buy a mirror for this place!). Can you see the big bruise on my knee? I got it going down a fireman's pole xP

I ought to wear these shoes more often, they're so fun!

Details! My nail varnish ended up looking really green next to the gold things.

My dress and blouse are Angelic Pretty, necklace is Metamorphose, bird hairpiece by Now, Voyager, roses from H&M, bag by Vivienne Westwood, socks and gold jewellery from unknown (I found all the gold in my jewellery box, I guess it must have been passed down to me from someone) and the shoes by Montreal.

I'm definitely going to do more coords with this dress! White is so versatile. I'll just have to remember to keep a napkin handy when I'm eating and drinking. I only got away with it this time as I had one, used a fork instead of chopsticks and stuck to drinking water.

I set off for Reading festival on Wednesday, so unless I manage to scavenge those photos off of Rob between now and then this will be the last post from me until I get back. So until then...


  1. hideously jealous as ever of your purchases and love the shiro outfit! we should shiro/kuro at some point :DDD
    hope youre enjoying reading and ive given you a blog award

  2. If you ever resell the wonder story headbow let me know!