Monday, 15 August 2011

Isle of Wight Overview

I was on the island all last week! We go there at least once a year, so it's not that exciting anymore, although it was my first experience of Cowes week! Although since I know nothing of sailing it was just boats bobbing around this way and that, but it was a lovely day out nonetheless.

We didn't really do much other than go for walks, so the most of the photos I have are of the birds I saw (I love birds!). Irritatingly I didn't have my camera when I saw the most interesting birds, two very orangey turnstones. There were flocks of geese doing formation flying around Yarmouth that day too!

Bog-standard seagull haha. Saw a few terns too, and swans, ducks and a heron.

Two oystercatchers!

Sea holly.

Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower as seen from Ryde.

Pretty tower in Ryde.

One of many little egrets we saw...they aren't even supposed to be in this country! And a black-headed gull skulking in the background.

Two gulls and two cormorants on a boat/mooring.

Lapwing and two I think they're black-tailed godwits but I'm not sure.


Hope my photos haven't been too boring for you guys! I'm going to get the Hyper Japan photos next time I see Rob and should be doing more frilly things soon~

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  1. That sea holly picture looked like one of those microscopic pictures at a quick glance.
    It's awesome how you know your birds so well!