Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hyper Japan, 2011 ~ Day in London

The last day in London was pretty stressful! We had to check out before 10am so we got dressed and packed up before going down for breakfast. We decided to go to Camden to check out the markets that everyone had been raving about. It took a while to find any places, but when we did it was pretty disappointing...all really ita rubbish for ridiculous prices! I was excited that they had Antaina shoes, but they were charging almost as much as I got for my practically new AP shoes. I also found a cute non-loli skirt in the GLP store, but it was £40 and the size L was too small. The shop lady was all sarky saying 'you aren't supposed to wear shorts under' (as I hadn't taken them off), but Aisha was using the only changing room they had and if it isn't going to fit on over my little shorts then it isn't going to fit at all. I was pretty disgusted. If I'm bigger than an L, what the hell size was the S for?

We checked out a few other places but they all had the same overpriced tat. Stopped for lunch and I ate dohnuts as I didn't fancy any of the greasy food on offer...most of it was Chinese food which I'm not keen on. There was also a really scabby pigeon! This also shows one of the horses that was there, they looked pretty aweome.

Afterwards we headed to Chinatown to see if there was anything cute there. These archways were so pretty and striking! They were also on Sherlock so I freaked out a bit when I found that out hehe. There was a load of delicious-looking food too, but I didn't want to waste my money so I didn't buy anything.

We also went past M&M World on the way there...I had no idea such a place existed O_o 4 floors of M&M

We also had our photo taken in a group here, but we all look so derpy! Aisha, me and Vicki. I felt kind of out of place, but I thought lolita would be annoying to wear about the city all day, especially since it was so warm!

At first we only saw restaurants, but eventually came across a cute market with tons of sweet little nick-nacks. I had to be hard on myself as I could have wasted a lot of money there! Aisha and I did purikura in the cheap machine (the real Japanese one was better and the only one in the country, but it was £4 extra each). We ended up spending over half an hour in there, much to Rob and Vicki's annoyance...but it was fun, and I've never had a chance to do anything like that before as my friends always used to go in photobooths on the occasions I wasn't there. So let's use this as proof that my face doesn't shatter cameras.

Ended up buying a cute hamster pin for my mum (it was her birthday this week) and a Pikachu phone strap to replace the one I lost when I lost my keys...could have bought so much more stuff though if I'd been less strict on myself!

By the time we'd finished we had to rush back! When on the tube Aisha realised that she'd left a bag back at the purikura place, so she left us to go back. The rest of us went to Burger King for tea (OMG REAL FOOD it was actually too much for me to eat since my stomach shrank from not eating much haha). Then we had to part ways...we hadn't realised that we had to leave from different tube stations! Ended up managing to get the 7.30pm train from Paddington back to Bath, irritating all the passengers on the way by playing Nyan Cat and Robot Unicorn Attack with the sound on. Was really happy to get back to Rob's, where I could have all the tea I could drink and more privacy! I didn't get back home properly until the next day.

And now I am home, I'm pretty bored and missing London. There was so much there to do! I don't miss the stingy eyes however (the air REALLY didn't agree with me, I was walking around blindly crying most of the time in Hammersmith). I really hope I get to go to London again and would love to go to Hyper Japan again too, although since it's the Olympics next year I probably won't be able to go until 2013 =[

And so concludes my catch-up of Hyper Japan! So sorry it took such a long time ^_^'


  1. I love chinatown, i miss london a lot >_<

  2. The shops in Camden are really a let down :( at least some decent priced Tea Party shoes would make up for it but inside they have the poorly made tat >_<
    and yay another loli that likes Sherlock! love that series, got me thinking about Sherlock inspired loli dresses!!

  3. It's good to know that Camden is not as good as it's hyped up to be for future references. I feel like I always heard that the shop ladies are pretty snarky too.
    I really enjoyed your hyper japan posts!