Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Coveted Cuties ~ Wonder Story, Twilight Circus & Night of the Masquerade

This month is going to hell for many lolitas who don't have cash...or so is my prediction.

I personally am still reeling from the Chess Chocolate fiasco, where the new rules meant I lost my chance at reservation and missed out on the print entirely. My chances of buying second hand are currently zero since everyone's hiked the prices up so much. Stupid how they changed the rules to avoid prats buying for resale, but I think it just made the matter much worse.

Anywho, on to the new prints!


I've loved Wonder Story ever since I first saw photos on Tumblr. The colours are gorgeous...I would love the red as I know the colour suits me and it's pretty unusual for Angelic Pretty. The powdery blue is so elegant and delicate too. Everything about this print fills me with want as I adore books, and I suspect a pink book bag will follow the release which is really exciting as I really want one of those things. However I wouldn't be able to decide between colours or styles even if I had the money (which I don't). Going to have to be one to put on the long-term goals list.

Alice and the Pirates

Alice and the Pirates's Twilight Circus is up for reserve this week, and the style of that middle JSK is so awesome! I love the piratey/military edge. However, I'm not convinced by the print or the colourways. Leaning towards the brown, but the skirt part would be white and that wouldn't last long. Which is a shame, because it's the only colourway in which the print looks tasteful! While the burgendy shade is kinda nice too, the black just looks awful, and that OP is a total trainwreck! I think this is one to admire from a distance for now until I see better pictures.


I've probably mentioned numerous times already that I am not a fan of Metamorphose. However, Night of the Masquerade has me eating my words. I love everything about this! Again with a military edge (which now makes all 3 of these brands putting out military designs in the past month) which offsets the frills and bows nicely. The colour and print are really nice too. The only thing stopping me from getting it (other than money) is the brand I'm afraid...I've had too many non-fitting Metamorphose pieces to risk it right now.

The only other thing I have to report is my despair at failing to get the Swan Lake JSK that I found an auction for. The seller blocked all the bids put in by my shopping services bid IDs. The dress is unsold, but I can't afford to start using a different shopping service. Obviously I'm a little upset, this was my original dream item and now I'm missing out on such a rare piece! Also since I already paid a ton of money to my SS and getting a refund would lose money through currency conversion and Paypal fees, I'm likely to fritter it away on crap I'd have otherwise not bought and spend even more money I don't have. Maybe someone should take the internet away from me =|

So what do you guys think of the new prints? Will you try to buy any of them? What about your recent purchases or near-misses?

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  1. That Meta dress is gorgeous! I usually don't pay attention to their releases so this was a surprise for me.
    That sucks that sellers can deny bids like that :/ Good luck on getting your dream item!