Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Hyper Japan, 2011 ~ Day Two

Finally got the photos for this and just back from Reading, so I'll try to get these last few Hyper Japan posts up asap! Also our table photo with Kanon has been added to the Day One post.

On the second day we had another early start! The venue (Olympia 2 in Kensington) opened to the public at 10am, which was also when the Sweet Lolita fashion show was scheduled! We were pretty lucky to know about it as it wasn't on the programme. Plus by turning up that early, we beat the worst of the queues! Loads of people were unable to get in that day, or had to queue for hours because somehow more tickets were sold than the venue could cope with.

The fashion show was great fun! I managed to get a seat right at the front with Vicki, although the show was pretty fast moving so I didn't manage to get photos of all of the models...it was great seeing everyone's coords though.

The group shot!

My outfit for the day! Angelic Pretty's Sugary Carnival JSK, Bodyline blouse, BTSSB headbow and bag, offbrand socks, Antaina shoes, handmade bracelet and wristcuffs (not by me), and necklace by BTSSBxCharmmy Kitty.

At the end of the show all the lolitas in the audience were told to go up on stage! It wasn't very scary though (but my hair was hooked over my headbow and no one pointed it out to me until the afternoon...AFTER all of the photos! *embarrassed*)

Afterwards I met back up with Rob for wanderings. We went to the Maid Café for a drink, but it wasn't a very pleasant experience! It was really uncomfortable being called 'Lord and Lady', plus our maid disappeared after our first drink so we had a cup of tea and coffee for £10 when it was supposed to be unlimited for half an hour.

Had super-delicious yaki-udon for lunch...SO YUMMY! I was a little paranoid about getting grease on my dress. A lady told me I was sitting wrong on the floor too...apparently sitting cross-legged isn't ladylike. I'd figured as much already, but sitting sideways hurts my back so much and doesn't look elegant either! I also bumped into Hayley which was nice, and I got to meet Georgie irl, which was super exciting for me since I've known her online for a while now. She thought we looked like Ichiko and Momoko from Kamikaze Girls when together:

Then it was time to head back to the Main Stage for Kanon Wakeshima's Charity Live! We went quite early but it was already packed. Had to pick a spot on the floor right at the side with a bunch of other lolitas. Thankfully I could just about see! However the heads of the people in front blocked my flash so I had to turn it off, resulting in my photos coming out all fuzzy! Her performance was incredible though - beautiful singing, perfect cello-playing and a cute little act too. She's definitely one of my idols now.

More stall-browsing afterwards. I went back to the Lolita Bring & Buy to buy an Innocent World OP I'd wanted the whole time, but it was gone! Typical that when I managed to get money someone else had bought it D= so jealous of that person! However a jacket I'd had my eye on had been reduced by £5 and had a headbow attached to it, so I bought that instead. There were plenty of cute dresses still there too, but all the bargains had been had already and I didn't want to spend over £50 on one item. I also picked up a Kera magazine, Kanon's CDs and her art book (Flower Sound Orchestra)...and also some yummy candy! I didn't want to spend too much money but couldn't resist getting some Marshmallow Fluff as it sounded delicious!

At 4pm there was a signing with Kanon! Luckily when I bought her merchandise I was put on the list for the signing...they couldn't see everyone I guess as there were so many people. The queue was all the way to the stage but we didn't have to wait too long. It was a shame the BTSSB stall wasn't open that day as it would have been a good opportunity to look closer at the merchandise.

We didn't win anything in the raffle so we made our way back to the hotel. We went out to a Japanese restaurant for tea, but the place was pretty rubbish. They had NOTHING vegetarian on the menu! My meal came with some kind of fish sauce =/ there was nothing on the menu to say that it would but I kinda knew since there were no 'V' signs by anything. My vegetable tempura had obviously been cooked in the same flour, batter and oil as the prawns, but it was either eat it or be very hungry. Had to pinch Rob's soy sauce so my rice wasn't as dry...he'd been dipping fish in there, but it was more vegetarian than actual fish sauce!

So that was my second day. Woah these posts are so long! Only one or two Hyper Japan posts left to go though, and then I won't have any ideas of what to write.

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