Friday, 19 August 2011


Soooo this morning I moved back to the city. I've spent all day unpacking and trying to make the place more homey.

Now I'm not going to lie, I hate this house. Like really hate it. All the paint is peeling both in and outside, it has a horrible smell, damp and dirty and cramped. Thankfully my room is bigger than I remembered it being and my housemates have apparently decided that since I was shoved in the box room I get to pay less rent starting next month (£220 instead of £320...absolute bargain! My money worries are over ='D).

I tried to take some pictures, but the room is too small to really capture any of it haha. Had to stand in the corridor.

This is as much of the room as I could get in!


Something tells me this boiler won't be my friend for long...although it does seem to match my laptop!

So as you can see, pretty small. I had a huge chest of drawers in my last room which I'm missing terribly. I brought hardly any clothes with me and I've filled up most of the room already and had to stick my shoes on top of the wardrobe where I can barely reach!

At least I brought some posters to make it a little more me. And my Yu-Gi-Oh calendar is hung up on the wall I couldn't take a photo of, along with a scarf and flower headband~

Hoping to get one of those mirrors you hang inside wardrobes, since I forgot to bring my mirror with me and there's nowhere for it to go anyway.

About to go explore after eating some lunch. I don't really have a clue where I am, other than near Bath and in housing estate central.


  1. The room looks pretty bright and cute ^^ But it's sad if you hate the house. : <
    I don't know, but one of my big dream is moving to the new house. I have never moved, but i think it would be cool :'D Specially if the house would be mine ^^

  2. Yeah it is pretty bright, I guess I'm south-facing as I get the sun through my window all day! And I'm quite fond of my little space already. It's just the mess my housemates have made and the fact that I can't decorate the place xP Can't wait to actually have my own place, that'd be super cool!