Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Hyper Japan, 2011 ~ Day Three

There was a lolita fashion show again on the final day! Only this one was for more classical styles. Couldn't get as good a seat, but the pace was slower so we got longer to admire everyone's outfits. Everyone looked stunning once again!

...and yeah, they made all the lolitas go up again!

Yay no hair-fail today! Well, apart from before leaving when I'd tried to curl my hair, but as you can see by its obstinate straightness I was unsuccessful. I was wearing Baby, The Stars Shine Bright's Circus Tutu with BTSSB headbow and bag, Bodyline blouse, offbrand tights, handmade wristcuffs, Antaina rocking horse shoes and necklace and bracelet by BTSSBxCharmmy Kitty. I didn't get any good photos of my outfit which is a shame. My clunky shoes turned some heads, I even had one woman ask to take a photo of my feet!

We watched a little of the Square Enix cosplay battle (well, we were stood at the back so I couldn't see a damned thing even with my massive platforms). Some of the costumes were really epic! I don't know many Square Enix characters though, so I don't know how accurate they were. After it finished we had to rush to snatch a seat for Kanon Wakeshima's second Charity Live! I had a seat a few rows from the front, so a much better view than before (although people's heads still blocked my flash). She was amazing again! Rob stuck around for it this time and even he had to admit that she was good.

I'd wanted to watch the Kawaii Star of the Year show, but we didn't in the end. We just took a last look around and played video games again. I can't believe I forgot to mention them before! We played Kirby on the Wii, Dragon Ball on PS2 and Xbox and a few other much fun! And for some reason some guy wanted to film me in front of some of the games. I hope that footage never surfaces 8| We then went to the Sake Cocktail Seminar for a sit down as we were so exhausted from the weekend. Even got to try a cocktail (even though apparently I'm not old enough to drink sake...though I don't understand that one at all).

Then it was pretty much over! Headed back to the Lolita Bring & Buy stall to pick up money and unsold items to find that only one my items was left unsold (after I'd lowered prices on everything earlier that day). I sold £280 worth of lolita! I was amazed. Really sad that my Angelic Pretty shoes are gone, but they were too small for me anyway...and all the other things I sold were either too big or just not my style, so I suppose it's all good.

Here are the goodies I picked up on the last day!

The bird clip is by Now Voyager, they had so many awesome items so it was hard to pick one. I thought this one was the most subtle haha. Rob bought me the Chocobo =3 I was also very tempted by the BTSSB stall, but the accessory pack was £45 and only had a tote, some socks, a headbow practically identical to the one I was wearing and a phone charm so I didn't get one. Kinda regret that now though...I've never had any brand new BTSSB before =[

Here's some pretty Pixiv pictures that I wanted to buy...I didn't have any money when the stall was still open for them so I just took a photo. I wish I could do art like that! I really need to start trying again.

Back at the hotel was odd as Kai and Rai had already left. The rest of us stayed up until midnight and then went for a drink as it was Vicki's birthday! The bar played pretty naff music...was expecting better since it was decked out in rock and punk posters. And then much needed sleep!

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