Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Okay, so I was never a Busted fan. By 2002 I was snobby about music and mostly listened to Evanescence and punk. But 14 years on and I'm now a big enough person to say I actually liked their stupid catchy songs, so when a friend at work said she had space in her car for their first Cardiff show last week, I ended up tagging along.

We left just after midday so we got to the queue super early for a wait of about 5 hours. Somehow the time went quite quickly though.

The first act was Emma Blackery, but the crowd didn't seem to be feeling it.

Wheatus on the other hand, were awesome. Although not many people knew more songs than Teenage Dirtbag (I think I listened to that album once, but that was a good 8 or 9 years ago!). We all laughed out loud when they started playing a song called Leroy because we had a pigeon friend in the queue who we named that...we had no idea it was a song!

And then pigs started to fly...

Somehow we managed to get to the 2nd/3rd row of the general standing area, so we had a really good view. The part in front was for people who paid about £100 more for their tickets, but since they made use of the whole arena it didn't really matter.

They even did a few songs at the back of the venue, which was super far for us but great for anybody who couldn't make it further forward. The light fittings were super cool.

I was miffed that the tickets were so expensive, but the stages were definitely worth the money. They even had those things that raised them up from below the stage. The setlist had a good mix of old and new songs. I ended up knowing most of them as we had a few albums on in the car on the way, and I don't think anybody of my generation could NOT know any of the singles!

We were directly in front of Charlie for a lot of the show. This is my favourite shot because of dat derp! I'll admit he was the most boring person to watch though. Matt especially was doing all sorts of things, including taking selfies with fans on that back wall during the show (and he was the only one I saw do a Busted jump!).

And then it was over! I probably don't ever need to hear a Busted song ever again, but it was a good show and I had a great time. They really didn't disappoint. I imagine a lot of fans who missed out on seeing them way back when were practically peeing themselves from excitement =P

Unfortunately we ended up taking a huge detour on the way home which doubled our journey time as we couldn't find a McDonald's that was open so we ended up grumpy and hungry. Won't be making that mistake again!

Cala D'or

A few weeks ago I went on my first holiday abroad for years!

Sadly it turns out I have a fear of flying which I didn't have before. I really think the pressure in my head is off, I could feel every slight change in altitude and it gave me an ocular migraine which sucked. But pretty views and went right over the Pyrenees mountains! We ended up not doing anything the first day since we bought groceries and were tired.

The second day it was super stormy, with the heaviest hail I've ever seen and lots of lightning. Annoyingly the wifi and tv weren't working at this point aside from a few Spanish channels (this got fixed a few days later so we had British tv stations, but we ended up watching the Spanish version of cartoon network a lot since you can change the language back to English haha). We also had a nice view of the marina from the living room which is great as I love boats (they remind me of the Isle of Wight).

I fell in love with the cheap alcohol in lots of interesting flavours. We also found cans of Monster that we resealable, which was pretty cool! Although I struggled for food since there wasn't really anything veggie at all.

When the sun came out, it was scorching! Being the end of May I guess it wasn't really THAT hot, but it was just right for me. The pool was way too cold though so I couldn't venture in fully, but it was perfect for sitting on the edge with feet dangling in.

There were 2 beaches nearby, and the smaller one was super quiet in the evenings so we went there to watch the sun set a few times. We also went to a bigger beach at Sa Coma on one day, and there were lots of German cyclists (there were German signs everywhere too!), and a lady with a wheelbarrow of fruit encouraging us to buy pineapple and watermelon.

Obligatory bikini-clad Busted jump.

Did I mention cheap delicious alcohol? May have spent the week being a stereotypical Brit by drinking a lot.

I was sad that we wasted a beautiful day driving around the mountains as it got boring really quickly. The plants there just aren't as nice as the ones we have, mostly super dry earth and cacti. The ocean looked amazing though!

I was also excited to try 'Angry Fries' from Burger King. Wish we had them here as they were tasty! Especially enjoyable when sat by the pool in a swimsuit.

At first I thought I'd be bored all week, but after taking a few days to get into it I didn't really want to leave. I guess I just enjoy lounging around in the sun and not doing anything constructive...although if I could take the weather and put it on the Isle of Wight I'd still rather go there, I think! But I'd go again, definitely.