Friday, 24 October 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Your Lolita Halloween Style

Our Halloween meet isn't until November, but I haven't participated in the Lolita Blog Carnival for a while now and I figure this gives me a chance to start thinking about my outfit for it!

I have only one Halloween-specific lolita piece, and that is Baby, The Stars Shine Bright's Halloween Alice from 2007. It's a dress I've had for a good few years, and it was one of my dream pieces when I bought it. While not too wearable, I doubt I'll ever sell it as the cut is so unusual.

This is a coordinate I made using this dress from way back in 2011. Since the meet will involve a ghost walk, I imagine I will coord it in a more practical manner this year. But we'll have to wait and see!

What kinds of themes do you like to bring into lolita at Halloween? I'm really not adventurous with it at all!

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Little Shopping Spree...Oops!

Since Rob was ill I found myself with a free day, so I figured I'd head back into Bristol again.

I always dress boring when shopping...

I saw a Pinkie I don't own in T.K.Maxx, but she was a bit battered and out of battery and not worth £20. I also fell in love with boots but they only had sizes 37 and 39 and I needed a 38. Typical!

I finally had the McDonald's I'd been craving for months, and it was the worst one I've ever eaten! So cold. Ew.


I tried these shoes on in New Look and decided I'd never wear them. I wish I'd bought them now though as they were surprisingly comfortable, in the sale, and the last pair in the store =[

I picked up the New Look order I made ages ago. It hadn't arrived in time for me to pick up on Saturday which was annoying. I'm not sure about keeping the clutch at all as it's entirely useless, but it's adorably stupid! Also annoying is the fact that the garterbelt has a gross green stain on the back, but as it was a sale item I can only be given sale credit if I return it >=/ hopefully it washes out, but really unimpressed. The cat car freshener is for Rob haha (well, for his car).

I love love love these shoes in H&M, but I can't decide if I should get the red velvet ones (cuter) or the black ones (more practical).

Other junk! H&M tops I tried on a few weeks back, a Nyan Cat deckbox for Rob for Christmas, Lemongrab card case, sale Rainbow Power Fashion Pinkie Pie, Royal Blood 7" (for Dad's birthday), Jamie Lenman 7", signed copy of Dry The River's album, and a Billy Talent album. I also got some Mars bars to store in case of tattoos, chocolate Hobnobs, and a big bag of marshmallows!

The tops when I tried them on before. I know they'll be in the sale soon enough, but S always sells out first so I grabbed them now anyway. I mean, they're totally me, right? I'll be getting more stuff from the sale anyway hopefully...

My big disappointments were that one of my main goals was to buy thick OTK socks in Primark as I saw some in the Bath store recently, but I couldn't find them anywhere. I did find cute fox tights, but I didn't want to queue for one thing that I hadn't expressly gone out to buy (other than the music everything else I got today was on my list). I also couldn't find the USA Pro bottoms I own (they're too big and I wanted to buy a smaller size), and nowhere sold cheap birthday cards (mum wanted me to buy some for her). Boo! At least I wasn't sat at home bored all day though.

Afternoon Tea

It was Monika's birthday on Saturday, and I thankfully managed to get the time off from work to attend her birthday party!

We attended the Hotel du Vin in Bristol for an afternoon tea party.

The venue was tucked away so I had never even noticed it before despite walking past it many times. There were lots of odd horse photos, but was a lovely fancy yet rustic venue. We had the whole first floor to ourselves with a huge wooden table on one side and lots of little sofas on the other. Very cosy!

I finally got to wear Juliette et Justine's La Bibliothèque, along with the Grimoire tights I won at Revelry. People kept mistaking the tights for tattoos though, somehow. Terrible photo though!

The afternoon tea consisted of a trio of cute little sandwiches, a plain scone with jam and clotted cream, a walnut brownie, and a strawberry-topped cake each. And lots of tea, of course!

We had to ask for different sandwiches as the original ones weren't all veggie (egg mayo, salmon, ham), so I ended up with cucumber, cheese and pickle, and egg mayo. Yum!


I really should have taken more photos as it was a lot of fun! I also got to meet some great new people which is always good. I didn't get photos of others... ...I only took a video.

Afterwards we went to the pub for nachos and a pint.

Lastly, a photo of the card I made for Monika featuring my take on Innocent World's Lotta.

I really want to get more painting practise in as I'm really no good at it yet! But the only way is up.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Super Belated Jungle Look

Upon writing my last post, I realised that I didn't write about the Jungle Look collection! It was a good one for me as I got to pick up some staple pieces and try out the US site for the first time.

My initial buys were the Matte Pink Pocket Skater Skirt, Radimals Play Dress, and Matte Pink Bummers. Not long after I caved and got the I Eat Oily Mice Leggings from the Battle of the Kings release, and photos really don't capture the shininess! The platform sandals were Y.R.U cheapies from Ebay.

I really love this dress on! It feels kinda odd though as very tight across the chest and bunches a lot at the back due to my booty.

I missed the IOD when it was released, and in the end I decided to use HopShopGo to buy it from the US site! The shipping on it was expensive and I got hit by customs, but I'm glad I got it to add to my IOD collection ♥ It definitely doesn't suit me as well as the darker coloured ones though as my skin is too pale.

These are just some impule buys from Ebay - Crushed Velvet Fluro Pink Leggings and Wet Look Black Suspenders! Both were pretty cheap, so I can't tell myself off too much...although that pink is a bit bright for me! I feel like I should stop going on Ebay, but then I'd miss out some bargains for sure.

Pulp Horror!

For the Halloween Black Milk release I told myself I would only buy 2 items, and I expected that I would miss out on at least one of them. In the end I went a bit mad with the adrenaline of the thing and bought 9 things. Oops!

This was my first order, made 1 minute after release. I already had the Dem Lines and Flapper Hosieries in my bag (I wear my other BM tights all the time), and I grabbed an IOD and checked out as soon as I could! I wanted something Cthulhu print for a while, so when this Cthulhu Vs Haunted House Purple Inside Out Dress was announced I knew I HAD to have it. I was hoping that the other side would be purple Tentacles or Invisible Zombies, but the Haunted House looks so much better than I thought it would. I wonder why the IODs usually have a purple side, though?

The second order was placed 2 minutes after release, when I rushed back for the Wicked Web Silver Cheerleader Skirt. It would appear that I panicked unnecessarily as it is still in stock in my size now. Annoyingly it suffers the same odd shape deformity that the Wet Look Cheerleader got pulled for, but the print is lovely and shiny.

My third order was placed 13 minutes after release on the US site. I had missed the Death By Disco Straps Dress on worldwide and it was one of the pieces I knew I really wanted as it looked so wearable (all black all the everything!). They also have a bunch of stuff that already went museum on worldwide, so I snapped up the Ravenclaw Leggings I had regretting passing up in the past. On the left is the Mermaid Cap Sleeve Bodysuit that I got from Sophie, and my Lime Crime order is making a sneak preview of itself too haha.

My last order was 18 minutes after release. I liked the Free Spirit Scoop Skater as soon as it was sneaked at it's 3spoopy, and I knew I could think on it a little before buying as it was a 24 hour limited piece. I also went back for the Wicked Web Silver Reversible Crop to match the skirt and the Webtacular Hosiery.

And a close up of the drawing! I asked for their favourite spooky Halloween-y thing to be drawn!

It's kind of terrifying how quickly I blew a full month's paycheck, but at least I'll be a hot little boss all Halloween, right? And at least I know I will wear the stuff all year round unlike a lot of people! Still tempted to go back for Braaains Long Sleeve Crop, and I will be hunting down Eye See You Leggings and maybe Bloody Mary Wifey Top as they looked so much better in non-stock photos! And I really wish I could get on of the Mummy pieces, but I know white would look bad on!

At least the Hot Mess release was slightly kinder on my wallet!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Cosmic Series

After what felt like forever, the made to order of Cosmic were finally shipped out! It was a tough decision for me as to whether to order or not, especially since it was the sailor collar that drew me in (the dress itself looked like a potato). In the end, I decided to just go for it as I knew I'd probably regret it if I didn't.

I placed my order on the 30th of May and received it on the 1st of October. Quite a long wait! And I had to pay £20 customs which was annoying (but could have been a LOT worse!).

Obviously I got the regular JSK version in navy. The navy portion of my wardrobe is having a boom at the moment! This dress was ¥26,784. The colour is a much deeper navy in person, it's just difficult to capture accurately due to the chiffon material. The material and print are both really great and the buttons are pearlescent, like little full moons! Full back shirring, no lacing, no zip, and two pockets (most excellent).

The socks were ¥2,376 and are a bit of a disappointment. They have cute sheer panels in the shape of stars on the top of the feet which is cute, but they have too much stitching on them to stretch over my legs easily and the foot bit actually feels a little wide (and I have wide feet!). They're also probably a little too loud to wear with the dress, but they are adorable and I have always loved constellation theme, so I'm sure they'll still get used. They have metallic flecks running throughout.

The headband was ¥3,456 and I have mixed feelings. I'm happy that they're making things other than the generic headbow/bonnet, but the mesh bit just looks really awkward. The moon is adorable though! But I guess this was kind of expensive for a bit of felt stuck onto a headband.

I figured I'd pick up this scrunchie thing too for ¥2,376. I was hoping to use is on my wrist, but it's quite big! The ribbon on it has shiny flecks running through it, which I love.

My main issue with this set is that goddamned dress shape. It makes me look flat-chested and pregnant! Not kawaii.

But from the front is does look pretty adorable!

I kind of wish I hadn't bought this set now despite liking it a lot as I don't have any use for it at all and need to downsize my lolita wardrobe still, but I think I learned my lesson finally. From now on I will only buy stuff if I really reaaaaaally can't live without it! This means no lucky packs for me this year which will be strange. I hope I can stick to my plan this time!

If you want to view the video version of this post, click HERE.