Friday, 3 October 2014

Cosmic Series

After what felt like forever, the made to order of Cosmic were finally shipped out! It was a tough decision for me as to whether to order or not, especially since it was the sailor collar that drew me in (the dress itself looked like a potato). In the end, I decided to just go for it as I knew I'd probably regret it if I didn't.

I placed my order on the 30th of May and received it on the 1st of October. Quite a long wait! And I had to pay £20 customs which was annoying (but could have been a LOT worse!).

Obviously I got the regular JSK version in navy. The navy portion of my wardrobe is having a boom at the moment! This dress was ¥26,784. The colour is a much deeper navy in person, it's just difficult to capture accurately due to the chiffon material. The material and print are both really great and the buttons are pearlescent, like little full moons! Full back shirring, no lacing, no zip, and two pockets (most excellent).

The socks were ¥2,376 and are a bit of a disappointment. They have cute sheer panels in the shape of stars on the top of the feet which is cute, but they have too much stitching on them to stretch over my legs easily and the foot bit actually feels a little wide (and I have wide feet!). They're also probably a little too loud to wear with the dress, but they are adorable and I have always loved constellation theme, so I'm sure they'll still get used. They have metallic flecks running throughout.

The headband was ¥3,456 and I have mixed feelings. I'm happy that they're making things other than the generic headbow/bonnet, but the mesh bit just looks really awkward. The moon is adorable though! But I guess this was kind of expensive for a bit of felt stuck onto a headband.

I figured I'd pick up this scrunchie thing too for ¥2,376. I was hoping to use is on my wrist, but it's quite big! The ribbon on it has shiny flecks running through it, which I love.

My main issue with this set is that goddamned dress shape. It makes me look flat-chested and pregnant! Not kawaii.

But from the front is does look pretty adorable!

I kind of wish I hadn't bought this set now despite liking it a lot as I don't have any use for it at all and need to downsize my lolita wardrobe still, but I think I learned my lesson finally. From now on I will only buy stuff if I really reaaaaaally can't live without it! This means no lucky packs for me this year which will be strange. I hope I can stick to my plan this time!

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