Thursday, 16 October 2014

Pulp Horror!

For the Halloween Black Milk release I told myself I would only buy 2 items, and I expected that I would miss out on at least one of them. In the end I went a bit mad with the adrenaline of the thing and bought 9 things. Oops!

This was my first order, made 1 minute after release. I already had the Dem Lines and Flapper Hosieries in my bag (I wear my other BM tights all the time), and I grabbed an IOD and checked out as soon as I could! I wanted something Cthulhu print for a while, so when this Cthulhu Vs Haunted House Purple Inside Out Dress was announced I knew I HAD to have it. I was hoping that the other side would be purple Tentacles or Invisible Zombies, but the Haunted House looks so much better than I thought it would. I wonder why the IODs usually have a purple side, though?

The second order was placed 2 minutes after release, when I rushed back for the Wicked Web Silver Cheerleader Skirt. It would appear that I panicked unnecessarily as it is still in stock in my size now. Annoyingly it suffers the same odd shape deformity that the Wet Look Cheerleader got pulled for, but the print is lovely and shiny.

My third order was placed 13 minutes after release on the US site. I had missed the Death By Disco Straps Dress on worldwide and it was one of the pieces I knew I really wanted as it looked so wearable (all black all the everything!). They also have a bunch of stuff that already went museum on worldwide, so I snapped up the Ravenclaw Leggings I had regretting passing up in the past. On the left is the Mermaid Cap Sleeve Bodysuit that I got from Sophie, and my Lime Crime order is making a sneak preview of itself too haha.

My last order was 18 minutes after release. I liked the Free Spirit Scoop Skater as soon as it was sneaked at it's 3spoopy, and I knew I could think on it a little before buying as it was a 24 hour limited piece. I also went back for the Wicked Web Silver Reversible Crop to match the skirt and the Webtacular Hosiery.

And a close up of the drawing! I asked for their favourite spooky Halloween-y thing to be drawn!

It's kind of terrifying how quickly I blew a full month's paycheck, but at least I'll be a hot little boss all Halloween, right? And at least I know I will wear the stuff all year round unlike a lot of people! Still tempted to go back for Braaains Long Sleeve Crop, and I will be hunting down Eye See You Leggings and maybe Bloody Mary Wifey Top as they looked so much better in non-stock photos! And I really wish I could get on of the Mummy pieces, but I know white would look bad on!

At least the Hot Mess release was slightly kinder on my wallet!

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