Thursday, 16 October 2014

Super Belated Jungle Look

Upon writing my last post, I realised that I didn't write about the Jungle Look collection! It was a good one for me as I got to pick up some staple pieces and try out the US site for the first time.

My initial buys were the Matte Pink Pocket Skater Skirt, Radimals Play Dress, and Matte Pink Bummers. Not long after I caved and got the I Eat Oily Mice Leggings from the Battle of the Kings release, and photos really don't capture the shininess! The platform sandals were Y.R.U cheapies from Ebay.

I really love this dress on! It feels kinda odd though as very tight across the chest and bunches a lot at the back due to my booty.

I missed the IOD when it was released, and in the end I decided to use HopShopGo to buy it from the US site! The shipping on it was expensive and I got hit by customs, but I'm glad I got it to add to my IOD collection ♥ It definitely doesn't suit me as well as the darker coloured ones though as my skin is too pale.

These are just some impule buys from Ebay - Crushed Velvet Fluro Pink Leggings and Wet Look Black Suspenders! Both were pretty cheap, so I can't tell myself off too much...although that pink is a bit bright for me! I feel like I should stop going on Ebay, but then I'd miss out some bargains for sure.

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  1. Very cute outfit, especially the dress you are wearing, the patterns are adorable!! ^^

    恵美より ♥