Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Little Shopping Spree...Oops!

Since Rob was ill I found myself with a free day, so I figured I'd head back into Bristol again.

I always dress boring when shopping...

I saw a Pinkie I don't own in T.K.Maxx, but she was a bit battered and out of battery and not worth £20. I also fell in love with boots but they only had sizes 37 and 39 and I needed a 38. Typical!

I finally had the McDonald's I'd been craving for months, and it was the worst one I've ever eaten! So cold. Ew.


I tried these shoes on in New Look and decided I'd never wear them. I wish I'd bought them now though as they were surprisingly comfortable, in the sale, and the last pair in the store =[

I picked up the New Look order I made ages ago. It hadn't arrived in time for me to pick up on Saturday which was annoying. I'm not sure about keeping the clutch at all as it's entirely useless, but it's adorably stupid! Also annoying is the fact that the garterbelt has a gross green stain on the back, but as it was a sale item I can only be given sale credit if I return it >=/ hopefully it washes out, but really unimpressed. The cat car freshener is for Rob haha (well, for his car).

I love love love these shoes in H&M, but I can't decide if I should get the red velvet ones (cuter) or the black ones (more practical).

Other junk! H&M tops I tried on a few weeks back, a Nyan Cat deckbox for Rob for Christmas, Lemongrab card case, sale Rainbow Power Fashion Pinkie Pie, Royal Blood 7" (for Dad's birthday), Jamie Lenman 7", signed copy of Dry The River's album, and a Billy Talent album. I also got some Mars bars to store in case of tattoos, chocolate Hobnobs, and a big bag of marshmallows!

The tops when I tried them on before. I know they'll be in the sale soon enough, but S always sells out first so I grabbed them now anyway. I mean, they're totally me, right? I'll be getting more stuff from the sale anyway hopefully...

My big disappointments were that one of my main goals was to buy thick OTK socks in Primark as I saw some in the Bath store recently, but I couldn't find them anywhere. I did find cute fox tights, but I didn't want to queue for one thing that I hadn't expressly gone out to buy (other than the music everything else I got today was on my list). I also couldn't find the USA Pro bottoms I own (they're too big and I wanted to buy a smaller size), and nowhere sold cheap birthday cards (mum wanted me to buy some for her). Boo! At least I wasn't sat at home bored all day though.

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