Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hyper Japan, 2011 ~ Day One

Yes I know, late post is late...but it took a while to sort out my photos! I still haven't managed to get the photos for the other days yet as they're stuck on the camera. Also if you click an image, larger versions/original source will appear =3 (need to change my layout so larger photos look okay).

Last weekend I had my first experience of a convention! I really had no idea what to expect, and in the morning I was grumpy from having to get up early and my suitcase was MASSIVE and would barely close as I hadn't realised how much space lolita outfits take up. Travel was a bit of a nightmare too. Our bus into town got held up as a Sainsbury's lorry crashed through a wall on the main route to town, so we had to wait a while before reversing all the way down the hill and taking the long route, resulting in us missing the train we were supposed to get. Thankfully we had general off-peak tickets so we didn't have to fork out any more money! Trains were fine and so was the tube, but we took a while to find the hotel we were staying at (even though it was right under our nose the whole time!)

Once we'd ditched our luggage there it was off to the convention! I was a bit freaked out at first as there were so many people there and I hadn't expected it to be like that. We arrived some time after 1 I think, so we had a little wander before I headed to watch the talk show with Kanon Wakeshima (Rob wasn't interested in it, I don't even know what he was doing at that point). Her voice was so cute, and outfit so beautiful! I was a little offended though as she said that anyone who wears the clothes but doesn't live the lifestyle isn't a real lolita, but over here it's more that the clothes make the lolita (or at least you can't be considered one without the clothing). But I don't want to get too much into the lifestyle/fashion debate...or at least not today!

I also dropped off some things to sell at the Lolita Bring and Buy stall...it was great to see so many lolitas and so many items for sale. I also finally met Chrissii for the first time!

Afterwards it was soon time for the tea party with Kanon Wakeshima! I was a little nervous as I didn't know any of the other lolitas and they all seemed to know each other, but I met some lovely people. I'd also worried that my outfit wasn't good enough as I was dressed casually for travel in a rather toned-down mix of lolita and fairy-kei. I didn't get a photo and I haven't been able to find a full one of me yet (there must be some, when we were waiting to enter the cafe loads of randomers papped us), just this one from the tea party.

I was wearing Angelic Pretty's Dream Sky skirt and barrette with Asiajam tee, Hello KittyXNike sneakers, BTSSB bag, Hello Kitty necklace and cupcake earrings from Claire's, Primark legwarmers and offbrand tights. Need moar accessories!

While there was no tea at the so-called tea party (there was no tea =P), we had the most delicious cakes! Plus some free cleansing oil and cute place-marker.

Kanon looked lovely and was so cute. It was so nice of her to agree to come and answer some of our questions...my heart beat so fast! These were my delightful table buddies, Clare and Kyra:

With Kanon! My face is so happy-derp haha:

And all of us together with Kanon! (Photo by Saoirse Clohessy Photography)

Afterwards I found Rob again and we looked around the stalls. I ended up buying 2 Chibi Vampire novels and a Cardcaptor Sakura manga from the Tokyopop stall that day, as well as acquiring a number of cards and leaflets. I also picked up a Hangry & Angry keychain - I was reluctant to pay £4 for a keychain, but it's really cute and it was the last of that type there.

Irritatingly there was nowhere to get free water, so we had to buy expensive cans of Diet Coke. For tea we had Yo! Sushi which was going cheap at the end of the day...so yummy. And we had blueberry Pocky for when we got back to the hotel OMNOM.

After meeting up with our hotel group (Aisha, Vicki, Kai, Rai, Rob and myself) we went back to the hotel for check-in...but we weren't all in the same room despite us changing which nights we were staying so we could be grouped together. They wouldn't move the other so we had to be separate. I didn't mind too much, but their policy made no sense - surely you'd fill up rooms before putting people in new ones, and you'd try to keep groups together? Apparently not.

So there's my summary of 22nd July! Hope it wasn't too boring to read ^_^'

Oh and if anyone finds blogs or pictures of the event please link me! I want to see everything!


  1. Wow you're so lucky to meet Kanon *jealous*
    And DHC Cleansing Oil as freebie :o *jealousy increasing* According to my friend it's really good! Tell me how it is if you use it :D

  2. You look cute in dream sky!
    ahh you're lucky that you got to take a picture with kanon!
    Strange how there wasn't any tea though but got free cleansing oil instead.
    I haven't seen many blog posts about Hyper Japan yet :/