Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sales: Shoes

Going through a massive clear out of my stuff which is happening in several stages (I am a hoarder, I hate getting rid of anything and some of my stuff I'd rather sell than give away, so I'm probably going to be sticking up several posts like this...and will need to keep going through my stuff again and again to dwindle it down).

I have feedback here.

Feel free to make offers, ask questions and request more pictures if interested. These will be taken to a charity in a couple of weeks, so be swift!

Selling as I never wear these things anymore or because they don't fit. Most have been worn only a couple of times and mostly indoors unless otherwise specified.

Better shoes are at bottom (including some Angelic Pretty!), so please scroll down!

Various sizes (mainly UK3-5), I've listed the size I feel that they fit like as well as marked size as some of them are very off! If the difference in sizes is small though, you might want to go by the marked size. I am about a UK4.25 (awkward!) for reference, that's why I can't be sure of fit!

Prices include shipping to the UK (for most of these the postage will cost at least £3, so please bear that in mind when making offers!). Paypal payment preferred.

1. Black boots with gold zip deco, large 4 (marked 5), Primark, heels very scuffed - £10
2. Gold point pumps, large 4 (marked 5), George - £7
3. Sparkle pumps, size 5 (small in width and depth, can probably be stretched out), Barratts - £10
4. Buckle pumps, size 4, QS - £7

5. Hot pink canvas shoes, size 4 (marked 5), Claire's - £7
6. Floral wedges, fit like small 4 (marked 3), Next - £10
7. Cow Print canvas shoes, size 4, Next, very comfortable but dirty (will scrub before sending) - £7

8. Purple pumps, size 4.5 (marked 5), Rocketdog, VERY spongey and comfy inside (wish I could keep, but bit too big) - £15
9. Red heels, size 5 (marked as a 6 but they aren't that massive on me...but too big to keep), Blu (Mastershoe) - £20
10. Purple heels, size 4.5 (marked 5), QS, unworn - £10
11. BlackXWhite pumps, generous 4 (marked 3), Underground UK - £10
12. Hot pink check canvas shoes, size 3, Office, unworn - £15

Black patent bow shoes, size 4 (marked 5), Hongsiyu, slight crumpling of heel area - £25

Blue wedges, Japanese size S (in this case about a 3, fine for smaller too, but definitely too small for me), Angelic Pretty - £75

Heart ankle strap sandals, size 3 (can't remember what marked as, but completely wrong), marked as Vivienne Westwood but suspected fake, relisting due to unpaying bidder - £45

Items will be shipped out as quickly as possible, but please bear in mind that there is no post office in my village, I can't drive and there are no buses! But rest assured I'll get them posted somehow, probably using my minions.

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