Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Loltia 30 ~ Day 27 ~ Lolita Song

Day 27 – One song that fits your favorite lolita style.

...Music is music. Fashion is fashion. Stop trying to make me match up the two because they don't. I love sweet lolita and I listen mostly to light rock music, they don't exactly match up. And besides, I made a whole post where I struggled to pick lolita-esque songs already!

Heh sorry I'm in a bad mood as I seem to be tired constantly and my mum is getting on my nerves. She said she'd buy me a tattoo for my birthday...my birthday was 5 months ago. Everytime I bring it up she's all like 'LOL BUT U NO LYK NEEDLES' even though I hate jabs because they're unnecessary and I hate the needle going into muscle and the pain of when they squeeze the liquid into you. That's nothing like a tattoo. Then she says 'U NO HANDLE PAIN' and it's like bitch, please. She has no idea =/ I can't even say why but I'm sure it's pretty obvious. I just want my fucking tattoo and I'm not spending my own money on it when I'm owed. And she's just a cow anyway. I have no freedom and I'm not allowed to do anything. I'm sure I'll get kicked offline soon enough, but I'm not allowed to play video games or read either, and I live in the middle of nowhere with no friends. So god knows what she expects me to do (oh work probably, despite there being no jobs and I don't bloody need or want to).

There are other things bugging me right now but I really can't write about that...and I have no one to talk to. So forgive me if I'm going a little mad.

Ehem. I also got to see Deathly Hallows Pt. II last night. I thought it was really good! Though young Lily's eyes were BROWN which naturally caused me to gesticulate in a silent 'Y UR EYES NO GREEN?!' for a few minutes. I also realised I was kinda in denial before...I am sad it's over! The series has been a part of my life for the last 12 or so years!

I got a theme outfit together in the end too, but didn't get a photo. Black tee, tights and boots with blue tutu skirt, nail varnish, eyeshadow and pendant. And my temporary tattoo!

I was the only person there in house colours though...I thought more people would dress up! But apparently not ^_^'

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