Friday, 29 July 2011

Lolita 30 ~ Day 30 ~ End

Day 30 – A photo of yourself taken today and 3 good things that have happened over the last 30 days.

Sorry, my webcam doesn't work D= so this one from yesterday will have to do!

1 - Meeting other lolitas. Really makes me feel like I'm part of something special as opposed to just a frilly weirdo.

2 - Seeing Foo Fighters! (Was that within the last 30 days?) It reignited my love for music.

3 - Seeing Kanon Wakeshima! Meeting her was great, but seeing her perform was just incredible.

Pictures of me with Kanon =D

Apologies for the delay in posting about Hyper Japan! I've written up about the whole weekend but my photos are still stuck on Rob's camera. If I don't get the pictures within the next few days, I'll post them up bare or just using pictures I find elsewhere.

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