Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Foo Fighters, 3rd July 2011

You may not have noticed, but I was actually away from over the weekend and only returned yesterday (I scheduled posts...sneaky mwahahaha).

On Sunday I went to the Milton Keynes Bowl to see the Foo Fighters! It was a very long day out, but luckily the weather was warm. We stupidly left the suncream in the car so we were glad that the sun only came out for a little while. I still got pretty burnt though D=

I didn't take my camera as I didn't want to risk it being confiscated (although everyone else got let in with theirs...why do they print these things on the tickets if they don't mean it?). I got a few blurry photos with my iPhone though.

The view I had! The guy stood up in the photo was really cute, and he looked like Matt Bellamy *drool* but I couldn't stalk a better picture unfortunately. Plus he didn't take his sunglasses off the whole time, even when it got dark...but I go mad for reflective sunglasses baha.

I thought the waiting would be boring, but it was fine as I was quite happy to sit in the warm people-watching. I probably should have gone to find Katie who was also there, but I was worried about getting lost. The journey to the portaloos was rather treacherous, I felt like the shortest person in the world. The only bad thing about the day was my hayfever, which made my whole head burn whenever I breathed. And turns out the reason it was bad all day was because of the idiots in front who chain-smoked through the whole day! Eventually it stopped as my nostrils switched (lol) but I had to turn away during the performance when they lit up to avoid it coming back =/ If only I hadn't had that pain, I could have gone into the crowds and danced and had much more fun, but it was too painful. If I was the kind of person to faint or get nose bleeds I surely would have from the heat in my head, but alas. I just suffered in silence haha.

The first band were okay although I don't have a clue who they were xP The DJ dude between the acts was dire. He wasn't even DJing, just changing CDs and he only played one good song the whole time. The second act was Jimmy Eat World, who I actually saw last time I was at that venue (for Green Day). Neither of my parents recognised any of their songs which frustrated me as at least 4 of the songs they played got radio play when they were released, and we had Futures on in the car for at least 2 weeks when we went to the Cotswolds. Okay, that was 5 years ago, but I generally recognise songs after one hearing so after 2 or 3 hearings I'd never forget them D=

Then there was Biffy Clyro, which was the only reason mum agreed to come (even though she moaned all day about it being outdoors and stuff which is annoying as Rob really likes the Foos and would have enjoyed it much more!). They were good too, although I thought they were better when I saw them last. I want a 'mon the biff' tee, they're so cool!

And then Foo Fighters! I'm not a big fan, but I'll definitely borrow some of their CDs now as they were really good. I also knew most of the songs which was great =D Though we left before the encore to beat the rush out of the car park which was sad, but we did have a 2 hour journey back to the hospice so it was a wise decision.

Now I'm really wanting to go to another outdoor venue. I'm now even more desperate to go to Reading festival. Was tempted to just grab a ticket and go, but I'd be too vulnerable if by myself and no one else seems to be going. So frustrating! I want to see Muse and Frank Turner D=


  1. im so jealous ! my sister went too, she said it was awesome ^^
    i wouldnt recommend reading, least safe festival ive been too ):

  2. Foo Fighters! How cool!
    I wish they would say whether or not cameras are allowed beforehand too. You never know!

  3. thought id reply to here! i went 3 years ago, and its just fullof underagers or people who are off their faces on drugs,also the campsites on the last day are frightening, my friend had her tent pulled onto a fire while she was still in it, and another friend had to have skin grafts because someone exploded a gas canister too close to her :(