Thursday, 16 July 2015

Galaxies & More

Weekly releases continue. I did actually manage to go one week without buying anything, but sadly that hasn't repeated itself yet!

I managed to resist slouchies up to this point, but I couldn't deny myself the Galaxy Blue Slouchy since I'm building a collection of that print. I was worried about sizing, but my usual size seems to be okay. It's such an odd fit though as it's oversized buy not overly oversized! I also got Wet Look Short Shorts as I love wet look and figured Rob would like them, but I loathe them. I've gotten too fat to look good in anything like that. So I'll be selling them when I can find the heart to.

The colour of the Blood Wings Long Sleeve Crop drew me in, despite previously having little interest in this print. The Raise Hell Zip Crop was actually sold with the wrong picture, and I don't like the back of it at all as the straps are tiny and a weird shape so bra shows (I'm too flat to go without one!) but it's such an awesome top! And I've been wanting the Drape Hoodie 2.0 for wearing with leggings. I'm not sure they sent the right size, but it's really comfortable.

Sneaky PVC preview haha.

I've also picked up a few bits on Ebay and Facebook recently. I'd been wanting the Weasley Weather Bottle GFT since it was released, and although it's a size too small it's still pretty awesome.

Cathedral Leggings were actually one of my original wants, but I didn't buy them as I had dupes. These are so much nicer though! Also a size smaller than I usually buy, but they actually fit my legs much better.

I wanted the Mickey Zoetrope Skater Skirt since its release but I was put off of it after the one I bought Sophie got lost in the post. But I caved when I saw it on Ebay!

And I have a growing PVC addiction apparently, so I'm hoping I actually get nights out to wear the Raise Hell Evil Zip Dress!

Since picking up the Aurora Kitty, I grabbed some Aurora Skye Leggings. Sadly the butt is quite sheer on them and the seller didn't mention fuzzies all up the legs!

Lastly, the Are You Jelly Touchdown. I passed on it when it was released as I wasn't sure if I'd wear it. Even though I find the cut and fabric quite unflattering (I should probably size down, but I don't want it tight on my hips!), I find them so comfy that I just can't resist them. Just chuck one over some plain leggings and you're good to go!

From now on I'll be doing monthly posts I think, It'll just make it easier to show pieces, and I hope to cut down my BM spending too as weekly customs charges are bankrupting me!

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