Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Shinies & Fails

Upon returning from Download I found a bunch of customs slips which stole a good £67 from me. Boooooo. But that meant excitement at getting new shinies!

The first pack I opened was actually an Ebay purchase, the Geometric Floral Pink Reversible Straps Dress from the Witch Please collection. I always preferred the teal but was unsure of the cut. Usually see these for high prices, but this one was a steal at just over £30 so I couldn't resist trying it. Good excuse to try to find a better strapless bra, methinks!

This order was a huge bummer. The High In The Sky Touchdown is a heavier fabric than my other touchdowns, so it loses the lightness of the others. Then I pulled out the Sheer Combat Pants I'd been wanting since forever to find really bad fuzzies on them. They also look like someone with a big ass has tried them previously as the shape looks awkward as hell with slightly stretched butt and thigh seams. So they have to go back. No complaints about The Awesome High Waisted Leggings thus far though, although I probably should have gone for an XS. They're sooooo comfy but not really thick enough to wear without covering my butt.

How the hell this skipped quality control, I do not know. They're definitely over-stretching themselves if they can allow a £45 pair of gym pants to be sold in this sorry state!

I did get a Yu-Gi-Oh! doodle though at least...

This order was the first weekly one to contain an IOD. I hated the colour of the Tartan Barbie Vs Candy Hearts Inside Out Dress in the stock photos, but thankfully it is cuter in person. It doesn't suit me at all though, so I think I'll have to get creative with coordination to goth it up enough to not look odd in it. I had never intended to get the Mermaid Straps Skater Dress but it has pockets so I had to. They do make the skirt fall a little oddly and it's definitely shorter than the Merboy one, but pocketsssessss.

Hoping my exchange pair of gym pants are up to scratch when I receive them, it has really made me start to lose faith in the company. They have been sending out lots of trash to people recently & they really need to get it together!

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