Monday, 22 June 2015

Download Festival Part 2

On Friday, after a yummy breakfast in town, we headed into the main arena for the first time. The route to it had changed since we last went. It used to go across the race track, but now you have to leave the site and go around into the arena which is confusing.

The day started off really hot! We were sat outside of Maverick for Gnarwolves at this point! I think we saw some stuff on Main Stage before that (All That Remains, Hell Yeah, and At The Gates), but I don't really remember as we were mostly just soaking up the sun.

Lacuna Coil were amazing, I didn't realise they were so good! Also knew more of their songs that I had realised.

After that I made Rob come to Modestep which was kinda crappy, but at leas it broke up the heavy music a bit!

Snuggles outside Maverick during Sylosis and before Dragonforce.

Babymetal did a song during their set! I perched on the barrier to see but got told to get down even though the people on shoulders and people smoking in the tent were fine apparently -_- so mostly couldn't see anything! Want to see them again.

Stayed put on the back barrier for Fightstar even though we've both seen them before. They're always good live though, and have ordered some of their CDs since getting home as I feel it's time.

We weren't really interested in Slipknot as we saw them last time and it was raining, so we headed back early for sleep. In hindsight we both wish we'd gone to see A, but oh well!

In all honesty I think the tactical early night was a good move, even if it wasn't very metal of us...

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