Tuesday, 16 June 2015

SpiritHoods Red Fox/Wolf(?)

SpiritHoods seem very popular with Sharkies, so I found myself becoming interested in them even though they're cultural-appropriating and stupid looking.

I previously bought a Grey Wolf hood on Ebay after missing the Galaxy Wolf BM collabo, but I don't think the seller ever sent it out and I was subsequently refunded. I instead decided to risk it again on Ebay to save a few quid and customs, and grabbed what was listed as a Red Fox.

I will admit, I felt pretty uncomfortable spending £43 on a dumb hat. On the site they are around £65 not including postage or customs. However, they are lovely and soft! But...this isn't a fox? It looks more like the Red Wolf which is annoying as the traits of the Red Fox suit me better in my opinion (Clever|Wise|Adaptable rather than Loyal|Social|Teacher). I only noticed this after leaving positive feedback...but they look really similar so I'm not 100%.

They have a little pocket in one sleeve, and a button so you can secure it in the wind.

I'm assuming this is an old hood. It doesn't have an ear tag, but it seems genuine (earlier hoods didn't have them). I'm not sure how often I will get to wear it, but it's comfy & I'll try my best (even though I feel a bit silly in it).

I'm hoping to catch the Aurora Kitty BM collabo when it restocks despite the price as I think I want to collect the Black Milk ones if I can. If I fail at ever finding Galaxy Wolf I am also tempted to get the Grey Wolf HB3 instead as the built-in headphones sound like a brilliant idea!

Why do I continue to fall for expensive and stupid looking fashions?

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