Sunday, 3 May 2015

Camp Sharkie 2015

The last weekend of April saw the first Camp Sharkie event! Basically a bunch of Black Milk fans heading to Centerparcs at Longleat for a weekend. I was unsure of attending at first, but since Longleat is only down the road for me I figured I should go anyway!

Off to the woods we went! I arrived at around 3pm on Friday.

Since there were over 70 of us, we were split into a fair few lodges. The main lodge was huuuuuge with a hot tub & stuff. We (the Hell Yeah Hammerheads) drew the short straw and had the one lodge that was really far away from everything. It was cute though, as you can see!

And being far out meant that we got to use the land train!

May have had a bit too much to drink at the meet in the evening. I don't even remember this being taken...

On Saturday afternoon we had a cheeky squirrel put its paws on our window, so we gave it Doritos!

There was a big buy/sell/swap event in the afternoon. I somehow managed to not buy anything, but sold a few pieces I never wear (already regret parting with my Wallpaper Princess Pink Evil Zip Dress. I didn't feel pink suited me but had people all weekend saying it did! So will be hoping to rebuy it eventually *cries*).

Gift exchange! So pleased with my cross-stitch stuff & cute accessories.

Then we had galaxy-theme photos!

My fellow Hammerheads ♥

In the evening there were more drinks, but after spending most of the day hungover I passed. Instead I went back to the lodge alone to make sweet potato fries and watch Super Sonico, which I think was a wise choice! I did miss playing pass the parcel with 70 people though, which was a shame.

Sunday morning I was finally on track with an early-morning run! I had planned to do that every day but failed. It was mostly a walk as I'm really unfit, and I felt a little embarrassed as there were tons of decent joggers out haha.

Then I undid any good work by going to the Pancake House with some of my housies. I felt a little sick afterward but it was SO WORTH IT.

The pool party was in the afternoon. I tired rather quickly of swimming since there was no laned pool (dumb people getting in the way everywhere so I couldn't swim. Or the wave machine would drown me), so I got a fruit cider and a meatless dog instead of staying in!

Looks like everyone else had fun though!

I was quite happy watching Labyrinth for the 100000000000th time.

Cutie fish in the Village on the way back.

We had a quiet(-ish) movie night in the evening, with Mean Girls & popcorn & onesies galore!

Monday morning was another early start, but I plumped for a power-walk rather than failing at a run again. This was Cascades.

Nice of the weather to improve when we were all about to leave!



Unfortunately we had to be out of accommodation by 10am, so I left pretty early. I would definitely go to another even like this though. Really missing all the Sharkie babes now =[

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