Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Disney 2.0 & Holidaze

The much anticipated Disney 2.0 collection was finally released on April 7th, along with a designer collection counterpart called Holidaze. Unsurpisingly, I dove right in.

As usual, the IOD was the first port of call. This time, it's an Ariel Vs Ursula IOD. The Little Mermaid was always one of my favourite video tapes growing up, but I initially felt the IOD was too bright and wasn't impressed. But I love it a lot more in person! I can't see myself wearing the Ariel side much though as even the Ursula side is a bit colourful for me. Also finally bought the Bone Machine Pocket Tee from the last release. I still feel like £30 is too much for a shirt, but I wear black shirts all the time so I figured it should be worth it! And I accidentally bought the Bone Machine 2.0 Dress from Ebay recently, so yay for matching! That said I don't like the fit of the shirt really, it's not long enough to be oversized but would never work as a regular shirt on a women. It's a mens shirt, really.

I went a bit mad on my second order. The original intention was to just buy the IOD and a crop and save for the rest as none of the limited things appealed to me much. But I ended up buying everything in one go! Mermaid Midnight Cap Sleeve Crop is a safe investment though as I live in black crops. As much as I love the matching leggings, I'm waiting to see what the Mermay Ammo brings before committing! Next were the Bambi Leggings and Bambi Reversible Crop. I tried to resist both as I don't look good in leggings or rev crops, but I love the colours on these pieces far too much. I also got a gift for Sophie for her birthday (which arrived late), and now I need to buy it for myself as well haha.

Sadly my muffin top is too big to wear the set together like this...need to tone up again!

At least the new changes to BM means there won't be any big releases for a little while now since my bank account rather needs to recover...providing the small amounts of new things uploaded each week don't prove too tempting (which they probably will). And there's a sale tonight so I'll be grabbing as much I can...oh well!

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