Monday, 13 April 2015

Spring Picnic

Since the weather has finally turned sunny, I attended a small lolita meet in Bristol on Saturday!

I'm not happy with the outfit I put together as I had to throw it on at work without seeing it all together, and I'm not fond of wearing pink. But I really wanted to wear Wonder Story for the first time in ages as it's perfect for this time of year, I feel. Jacket, skirt, and socks are all Angelic Pretty, blouse is Innocent World, jewellery are Metamorphose and Patisserie Pink, cardigan and flower crown are Primark, shoes are Bodyline.

I made some double custard cream blondies and double oreo brownies! I'm not pleased with those either...nothing can live up to the toblerone brownies I made recently.

I also made cucumber maki. Came out messy, but tasted so good and was so easy to make!

The fooooood.

Ziggi's gluten free cake was amazing! The texture was so strange but so so good.

After the picnic we went into Bar Chocolat and I fell in love with the chocolate ducks!

I was so tempted by cheesecake as it looked yummy but I had already eaten so much that I opted for an ice cream instead to cool down after so long out in the sun.

When I got home I opened my gift that Maria and Monika brought back from Paris for me - more chocolate! It's so insanely beautiful that I can't bring myself to eat it yet though. Colourful shiny chocolate ♥

I always feel strange in lolita recently. I'm never happy with my coords, and I really hate being laughed at by strangers. Guess I'll have to up my game and get more confident though, as I have bought a silver ticket for the Regalia Saturday event later in the year!

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