Saturday, 18 April 2015

Belle Epoque Rose

I keep saying I'll stop buying lolita clothing as I never wear it and feel stupid in it, but then Angelic Pretty keeps twisting my arm. All. The damn. Time.

After resisting Belle Epoque Rose during the Japanese release, I decided to try for it in the US one. I missed the JSK and bonnet, but scored the skirt! I'm not really a skirt person though, so oops!

The fabric is that beautiful soft one they used for Romantic Rose Letter. The print is busy, but quite elegant.

And lots of ruffles in the back! Hoping to get a navy blouse in similar fabric to coord this with.

I also got the matching tights, which I'm sort of regretting now as the print on the skirt is much whiter than these are so they don't really match. Hopefully they will be cute with other pieces though!

This piece is definitely a contender for my Regalia outfit, but I find skirts so difficult! Hopefully it works out though.

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