Monday, 4 May 2015

Celestial (aka Bankruptcy)

After preordering it forever ago, Angelic Pretty's Celestial series was finally sent out. Unfortunately customs completely screwed me over and I had to pay a £215 ransom to get mine. Damn right I'm pissed off, I now have no money at all and I don't even want these pieces anymore *screaming*

Anywho, the goods...

Navy skirt and socks.

The colour isn't as bold as I was expecting. Sadly the skirt is slightly loose on me, so I think I will sell it (I have several other navy skirts now anyway...haha).

Black JSK, bonnet, and socks.

The bonnet has dangly detachable pearl detailing and lots of cute lace.

The pearls on the bodice look a little wonky, but they're a super cute touch. Just gutted still that the sheer outerlayer isn't detachable as it hides all the glorious print details and the soft fabric. The high cut and long length are also a shame! I think I will keep this one for now, though.

After this disaster I decided to ignore Angelic Pretty releases. Which bit me in the ass as Shadow Dream Carnival JSK in black is now a dream piece and I missed the rerelease of Glass Doll which was also a dream piece. All in one week. Typical! I couldn't afford it anyway, I guess -_-'

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