Friday 27 December 2013

Lolita Blog Carnival: Lolita New Year's Resolutions

This week's Lolita Blog Carnival post concerns new year resolutions within lolita fashion. I will post my non-lolita ones on new year's day.

  • Wear lolita more often! I have barely worn it this year due to being too busy when still at uni, my mother being horrible about my clothes when I moved home, and we now have a kitten who attacks everything. I have to hope Coco grows out of destroying my clothing for this to work!

  • Organise a meet. I have been into lolita for 4 years now, and yet have never organised a meet! I had wanted to do an ice-skating one, but then the local rink closed down. So I guess I'll have to get thinking! This is kinda more important now that I work on weekends as I won't be able to attend meets at all if I don't organise them!

  • Get rid of 10 pieces of clothing. This will be difficult as I love every piece I own. But if I haven't worn it and never will, there isn't much point in keeping it. Hoping I can do this without breaking down! I bet I'll just get rid of Bodyline...

  • Buy more practical items that I actually need. All my blouses are old and disgusting, I just hate to spend so much money on a blouse. But I am in desperate need of a new black one, and perhaps some coloured ones too (especially pink!).

  • Get a loliable hat. I always love coords with berets and the like, so I probably ought to try it.

  • Buy chunky black heels! I love my red ones from Bodyline but they don't go with much.

  • Try to stop buying new Angelic Pretty releases! I waste so much money on new releases...

  • Buy some plainer pieces for simpler coords. Top of the list for this is a plain black JSK!

  • Keep in contact with lolita friends more. I'm not big on online chatting, but I need to get on it!

  • Make more lolita friends!

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  1. Abbey, the best place to get cheap nice blouses is Taobao! 69th dept is good and they accept international buyers. Also chiffon black blouses are easy to find even fron non Lolita Taobao shops.

    1. Taobao kinda scares me! I've never used it before.