Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cakes, Cats, Clubs!

Last weekend I went with a bunch of friends to stay in Kyra's parent's house for the weekend! I stupidly didn't take many photos, so I put off writing this post for ages as it meant having to trawl Facebook for photos to pad out the post haha.

I met Bexy at the train station, and we met Sophie on the train! I wore Bodyline's Fruits Parlor as I'd been intending to wear it all day, but in the end I took it off before we went out (it's soooo tight!).

Once we were all at the house (and after playing with the cats), we had a delicious lunch and yummy rose tea!

In the evening we went to Southampton and went in a few pubs!

Bunch of us before we left.


STER WERS THERM PERRRB. I had an Emperor cocktail and it was gooood.

Outside the Dungeon! It was a pretty awesome club, I really want to go again. It was like Discord only with slightly better music and much better layout. I'm in love with Loulou's rainbow hair <3

Sadly the next day we had to leave! But not before having a delicious breakfast in the local Asda. And of course taking a photo of the cute kittens!

The journey home felt so long as I just wanted to get home, eat and sleep! But thankfully I had great compant and a deilicious Hello Kitty cupcake =3

Looking forward to seeing my frilly friends again soon, although I have a feeling I won't see most of them until the J et J meet in September!

Sorry about the lazy post, really haven't been in the mood for writing lately but I need to get everything up before I go off to Reading festival next Wednesday! I could not be less prepared Dx

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