Monday, 2 March 2015

Enter Shikari London 27/02/15

Soooo the temptation became too much and I ended up being a lucky duck by getting a ticket from a randomer on the Enter Shikari facebook page so I could go see them again!

I managed to get a room in a hostel on The Strand called Hotel Strand Continental. It was a bit crappy, but I only needed a place to sleep with good transport links so it was perfect. Sadly I missed the free breakfast the morning after, so I can't comment on that!

I arrived in London pretty late so I didn't have time to do anything much before the show. I just went to a Wetherspoons in Camden called Ice Wharf for a couple pints & some chips!

When the venue opened I went straight in to grab a bit of barrier. Which was dumb as I didn't grab a drink on the way which meant that by the time Shikari were on I had a hangover setting in which was a giant fail.

So glad I made it in time for Fatherson on this occasion as they're really good! Will definitely be picking up one of their albums at some point. Scottish bands are so gooood. Rou even joined them on stage for one song! Obviously I saw Allusondrugs and Feed The Rhino again, but I don't see the point in posting more photos of them...haha.

From my spot I could snap some sneaky pics while the boys were preparing to go onstage eheh. Senpaiiiiii~

Chris and Rob limbering up haha.

Naturally the setlist was the same throughout the tour, but the banter varied a little. Also damn, I need a better camera. I swear my photos from Cardiff were way better despite being much further away!

See, such close much Rou many wow.

And Rory fucking C! I really need to find footage of his pre-Last Garrison 'war cry' because oh god my sides.

Then I had the stressful and headache-ridden journey to The Garage for the afterparty (I couldn't find the bus stop and by some miracle managed to jump on the last tube as it was pulling off, pretty much!). I wasn't feeling it at all, which was a shame. I think I nodded off. Would have been great had I still been drunk and had I been with friends, but alone and in pain wasn't great!

It was just a DJ set too rather than proper Shikari Sound System remixes. But while I didn't enjoy it and had to leave as soon as I felt awake again to make sure I could get back, I'm super glad I went as I'd have regretted not giving a chance!

I was very glad I had the hostel to go back to. It was a simple bus journey and then I crashed out instantly. I got back at around 3am I think!

Despite my failure to plan my drinking adequately, it was hand down the best gig I've ever been to. The band were on fire and the worst I endured was having drink spilled on my leg. Non-rough barrier is a success in my book! I mean central would have been a better view for sure, but last time I had crowd surfers over my head I smashed my teeth on the barrier and had a nasty split lip so yeahhhh no =P

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