Tuesday, 3 March 2015


After the madness of Shikari on the Friday, I hopped onto a train at Waterloo to Andover on the Saturday. I didn't take photos though (other than of food) really as I suck apparently! So I'm stealing them from Facebook ;P

Bexy had prepared an awesome feast for us! I ate so many little sandwiches and cake and macarons ♥

We went to see a ballet performance of Sleeping Beauty. I'm not sure it was my kind of thing (I'd prefer a huge show with live orchestra and enough room for the dancers!) but I'm glad we gave it a go and it was a chance to finally wear my √Čtoile Twins dress!

And just like the good old days, we had some drinky-poos and went out to a rock club afterwards! Yes yes.

Such a good weekend, although getting back home on the Sunday was a mare between incompetent people at the train station, missed rail replacement buses, and the Bath half. But hey ho! Hope we get to do something like this again soon ♥

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