Friday, 20 February 2015

Cardiff & River House Backpackers

Since I live a little while from Cardiff, I inevitably had to find somewhere to stay while visiting. I arrived just after 2pm on the Tuesday.

I ended up staying in a hostel called the River House Backpackers. Honestly, I really loved this place! The staff were very welcoming and the whole place was bright, clean, and very homely. £17 got me a night's stay in a 4-person women-only room on the third floor, and it was only 5 minutes from Cardiff Central.

There was even a cheeky street cat there!

A short walk away was Cardiff castle. There were lots of squirrels chasing each other around in the park next to it!

I had nachos and a pint at a Wetherspoons in town after having a little look around the galleries in the National Museum. I didn't get much time there as I had left the hostel later than originally planned due to anxiety.

The next day I got up quite early and had free breakfast! There was a variety of cereals, yoghurt, bread, pastries, welsh cakes, juices, and there were free tea and coffee on offer for the whole stay.

I went back to the museum to look at the small natural history section. Taxidermy birds everywhere!

I also had another quick look at the gallery. This painting was my favourite.

Before heading home I went back to the Wetherspoons as they still do mexican burgers in that one! Awh yiss.

Next I went shopping! I realised I might be a goth as I tried on so many black clothes and only 1 non-black thing...


Picked a few black basics and also this pleather top. Not sure about keeping it though as wouldn't know what to wear it with and it seems a bit formal for daily wear.

I ended up leaving in the afternoon and getting home at around 5pm. Was awfully tired afterwards, and still kinda am!

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