Friday, 6 February 2015

Splurging on BLACK

Been feeling really low again recently, which means more impromptu shopping sprees. Ugh, I'm useless! I wish internet shopping wasn't a thing, it's so easy to get sucked in!

I also did a little shopping after getting my tattoo, which obviously means changing-room outfit selfies! I think my Death By Disco Straps Skater Dress is one of my favourites, so easy to wear! And coordinates with my bloody tattoo!

Here is my little Primark haul. I accidentally tried on the sheer shiny top in a 6 (I thought it was an S) & it wasn't super tiny, so I risked an 8. Yet to try it on yet though! The cardigan is so soft, and the other things are beachwear that I intend on just wearing. Could have done with a smaller size for those, but they were out of stock (I swear Primark sizing has gotten bigger).

This is an early birthday present from mum which I had to buy myself, a cheapie rose perfume from M&S. It was discounted for Valentine's Day too, so it was only £4.80 for 30ml. Had I realised this beforehand I'd have gotten the 100ml. It smells yummy, but the bottle is super boring.

When I got home after going over Rob's house, I found my first surprise gift from a fellow Sharkie - some yummy tea and a Finn plush, aahhhh! ♥

My New Look order arrived a few days ago too. I ordered the bralet in 2 sizes, and predictably the 10 fits more comfortably but has super saggy cups so I'm keeping the 8 and hoping I can shift some flab from my ribs. The strap detailing on both sides is so awesome though, and I love that my piercings peek through the lace! The rings & tights were sales cheapies, hoping to accessorise more this year as I'm rubbish!

Next is my Urban Outfitters order. Sadly I will be returning this bralet too. I ordered an M and again the cups are too big, even though the rest fits nicely. I guess I could wear a super padded bra under it, but I am a C/D cup? The stock photo it is being worn as actual bra? Wtf? Like I know I look flat but still. It looks cheaper than I'd hoped anyway though. But I should get good use from the tattoo choker as I wear my plain one all the time, and I couldn't resist naughty socks. I want to wear them to work a lot!

Asos order is up next (they sent me the right stuff this time!). I only realised when it arrived that the Primark beach dress I bought is almost exactly the same as this Asos one! The Asos one is nicer but is way too oversized, so I will be exchanging it. The fishnet thing is ankle socks, I thought they were quirky, and one can never have too many thigh-highs (how have I lived without striped ones?). The Religion kimono is something I'd been eyeing up for a long time, and I made this order as a panic buy as only size M was left (now sold out completely)! It was pretty expensive but massively reduced, and my grandparents are claiming it as birthday present so pretty win-win there. Not sure how I'll wear it, but I've wanted a kimono for ages and those praying skeletons are just awesome.

I think I've found my style finally though, and that style is all black everything. Kind of bordering on the 'health goth' bullcrap which is worrying, but eh whatever.

Now to wait impatiently for my Dollskill order!

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