Thursday, 19 February 2015

Enter Shikari Cardiff 17/02/15

On Tuesday I was lucky enough to attend the sold out Enter Shikari show at Y Plas. Accidentally queued for the wrong gig with a bunch of other people though, so missed all but one song of the first band!

...which was a shame, as they sounded pretty damn good. They were Fatherson. Also managed to get myself the last spot on the balcony!

The next band was Allusondrugs, and while they were less my kind of thing they were still good. Spotted Rory C in the crowd opposite me but couldn't go say hi without losing my spot (#gigaloneproblems, also still in awe of my ability to not pee myself as I was desperate the whole time).

Feed The Rhino were rather loud, but also awesome. Was very glad I wasn't in the pit as the wall of death was a sight to behold (but not something I would wish to be involved in at all!).

Also nice little lit-up moment.

And then the most excellent Enter Shikari!

Rory C doing a spot of crowdsurfing!

The setlist was overall very good! We had the best songs from the new album (notably Myopia), although I'm sure Sorry, You're Not A Winner's absence was noted by many. Not many old songs on there at all, but that's not necessarily a bad thing and definitely not unexpected. I loved how they actually had a vase for a little Slipshod moment.

Wish I could go to another show as they were SO GOOD, but most of them are sold out! And/or far away. But I picked up a Download ticket finally, so I'll have to wait until June!

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