Saturday, 14 February 2015

Friday 13th

This Friday 13th I finally got a chance to get a tattoo! Finally!

I ended up paying my bus fair in 10p coins so I could take money from the shrapnel pot again instead of having to get money out. It took the driver ages to check the amount.

This was outfit for the day, with double layered leggings to stay warm! I thought my Killstar shirt and Black Milk Cross of St Peter leggings were perfect Friday 13th attire. I bought a long-sleeved crop in New Look, but I'm not sure about it as everything seems slightly baggy on my waist (presumably because I'm not very tall?? I already bought an 8 and on size charts I'm a 12!).

It was a tough choice in terms of what to get. I wish I had more tattoos so I could have gotten away with one of the Adventure Time ones from Mandy at Electric Vintage. But I don't think I'm ready for that just yet! Plus these cost more and I'm not doing too well on the money front right now.

So I went along to Imperial Tattoo Company, as per. There were a few more designs to choose from, and they were only £13 each! I ended up plumping for the coffin by Amy since it goes well with the planchette I got from her at Halloween.

The result, with huge photobomb from my flaky rose tattoo haha.

I also ended up getting my septum pierced, despite Broad Street Studio not doing Friday 13th deals this time around. This was a dumb move as now I can't get my tongue pierced for another month when I had time booked off to get it next week, ugh! It doesn't look as terrible on me as I had feared, but I have no photos since I have a retainer in while it heals so you can't see it at all. Oh well, lesson learned. Impulse piercings are a dumb idea haha. At least it doesn't hurt at all!

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