Tuesday, 10 February 2015

ChibiBunny Snow White Skater Review

A few weeks ago I decided to risk getting a dress that I hadn't seen reviews for from ChibiBunny after seeing it on Rufflechat. I ordered the Snow White dress for just over £20 including shipping, and it took just over 2 weeks to arrive.

As you can see, the fabric is quite shiny. It also goes a tad sheer on the bust even though I'm well within the maximum measurements which is a shame!

The print quality is pretty good for the price though, and I love the colour.

That said, I'd recommend most people order bigger sizes than they need just for the length. The middle section is much shorter than the sides, and the result is that even my short legs feel a bit too exposed!

All things considered, I probably wouldn't order again unless there was a print I really really needed. But considering the price, I think I got a good deal. Hopefully I can get a cute tutu to wear underneath to improve the length!


  1. A shame about the length and see throughness it's a lovely print.

  2. I totally have ordered from ChibiBunny and awaiting my order.
    Thanks for this review, I am now nervous I maybe should of ordered a bigger size.

    I followed your blog by the way.