Thursday, 5 February 2015

New Body Additions

So on Tuesday I fiiiiinally got the balls to get a big tattoo! I'd been wanting a rose on my knee for over a year but kept worrying about every little thing. It's done now (well, half done), so I'll have to stop worrying about it suiting me and my style or whatever now!

I got it done at Imperial Tattoo Company in Bath by Steve Bates since he does awesome traditional stuff. I wasn't sure about placement or size but I decided to just trust him with it. I was so terrified! Like I couldn't even see straight when I was sat waiting, it was crazy.

The transfer was of the flower part only, so after that was inked the leaves got drawn on with Sharpie! I was surprised that the knee cap didn't hurt more. The fatty parts were so much worse, the fattier the more painful. Which is annoying as I thought I'd start with the knee so the rest of the leg would be less daunting, but I want my thigh done next and that's way flabbier...

I don't know exactly how long it took, I was in the shop for over two hours but obviously a lot of that was non-tattooing time. We decided to split the session as it would be easier on my wallet and hopefully less pain overall. So I get to go back for the rest in a couple of weeks! Need to decide whether I want that bottom leaf drawn back in (I'm thinking not, although it would centre it better).

I'm pretty chuffed with it so far...I think? Haha it's just so huge that I'm still freaking out about a bit. It's also not central on my leg, but that's because it's based around the kneecap and knees are just super wonky. Already thinking about using the extra space on the outside of my leg for some lyrics though ;P This photo was taken a day after getting it lined, so it's suuuuuuper swollen. I'm starting to be able to see my actual kneecap again now though, so I'm guessing the swelling is going down!

Sooooo looking forward to getting it finished! I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it, I just worry about how lolita will work with it since I favour ankle socks. And nobody else seems to like it. My mum is really annoyed about it, and Rob's mum just straight up hates it. And strangers on the street were commenting and staring from the off (although I guess I did have a bloody mess of cling film on my leg and odd socks).

Oh well~

Oh right, I said additionS, plural. I got my nipples pierced at Broad Street Studio a couple weeks back. They're cute as, I hope they heal okay and don't reject or anything because shiniesss! And hoping they look less wonky when I get shorter bars put in. Most painful exprience of my life though, especially the second one eeep.

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