Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Angelic Pretty Mini-Haul!

So I inevitably ended up falling in love with an Angelic Pretty special set after forgoing the lucky packs!

After a few attempts I managed to score a set on auction! It was slightly over retail, but I feel lucky for being able to get it at all so soon after release.

The dress is GORGEOUS. The fabric is different than I've seen used before, very soft. I really wish I hadn't passed up on the black version now as this colour will be difficult to coordinate!

The headbow is very plain, but that isn't a bad thing.

And SOCKS! I'm surprised they put out socks with these ones.

The print is like a mishmash of lots of other prints released throughout the year, which I think is great!

I also spotted a Royal Unicorn JSK in the military style I adore while perusing auctions, so I couldn't resist grabbing it.

I love the detailing and the brooch!

While I'm trying to move away from pink, I think this colourway was the best due to the contrast between bodice and skirt. Also it's a non-pastel pink, so it'll be interesting trying to work with this colour.

Hopefully I get a chance to wear these soon! I'd love to wear Royal Unicorn on Valentine's Day, but I'm working until 1200 & everyone is meeting at 1230! Not sure if I can make it!

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