Saturday, 31 January 2015

Belated Christmas(?) Shopping!

On Tuesday I was dragged shopping with my mum. I hate shopping with my mum. She doesn't let me buy much (even with my own money) and bullies me into buying clothes that don't fit by calling me fat, etc. And what was supposed to be late Christmas gifts is apparently now birthday ones a month early =/

First stop was Gourmet Burger Kitchen for food. Mum's choice, I don't like the soggy mush they call a veggie burger in this place. The onion rings & skin-on fries are HEAVEN though! I could barely move afterwards & didn't need to eat again for a full 24 hours so that says something about the amount I ate as I'm always hungry usually.

I also took the time to powerwalk from town up to Rise to pick up another copy of The Mindsweep, this time a signed vinyl. I managed to get up there & back in around 35 minutes, which is pretty good going. I almost died, hate that hill! Got another Xtra Mile wristband too, for some reason!

Here's the stuff I bought myself. There were some cute cheap boots I wish I had picked up, but daaamn I was so between sizes in them! The boots & rings here were from an H&M online order that arrived while I was out. The jacket is from Primark, I'm not sure about keeping it as the arms are too big, but I doubt I'll find better at an affordable price, & I may hand it to my grandparents for them to give to me for my birthday. The crop is also from H&M, but is somehow too loose despite being the smallest size they do (say whaaa?!).

Stuff mum bought me. Hate to sound ungrateful but the only things that fit are the sports bra & gym bottoms (these are borderline, I could have sized down again but there is no way mum would ever buy me an 8 in anything), & that's coz I ignored her objections to my size choices for those. Everything else is too big, but I'm stuck with them as she paid on card. At least if I ever get fat I have clothes, I guess? Definitely refusing to go shopping with family in future. Which means I'll never get any gifts as mum refuses to give me money as I'll 'waste it'. Because clothes that don't fit aren't a waste at all or anything...

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